"If you drink alcohol, you will get drunk"

Translation:Ukinywa pombe utalewa

March 20, 2017



Ninaweza kusema pia "Ungenywa pombe ungelewa"?

March 20, 2017

  • 2022

I think that's more of a "If you drank alcohol, you would get drunk". There's a slight difference in meaning between the English sentences; one has more of a counterfactual meaning (i.e. "If you drank alcohol, you'd get drunk, but you don't, so you won't"). I'm not a native Swahili speaker, so I don't know if the version of the sentence with -nge- carries that same counterfactual sense.


Ninaweza kusema pia - "mkinywa pombe, mtalewa" ?


In one lesson this is marked wrong if you don't use "kama" and in this one it is marked wrong if you do! Please correct to make them sufficient. Or preface the lesson with the intent to use the helping words, "kama" and "ikiwa" or to express the conditional without using them. Please don't make us guess which you are trying for.

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