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  5. "I had a new job."


"I had a new job."

February 26, 2013



If it is "Ho avuto" shouldn't it be "have had", on the other hand if it was just "avuto" then it would be just "had", like in the sentence, can someone explain how it works? Thanks!

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The two tenses aren't used with the same rules in English and Italian.

In English you use simple past (I had) to describe something that happened in the past, and is now no longer; and present perfect (I've had) to describe something that started in the past but influences the present (it is a present after all).

In Italian you use passato remoto (ebbi) to describe something that happened long ago; and passato prossimo (ho avuto) to describe something that happened recently.

"Avuto" is just a participle, an adjective formed from the verb to describe the result of the action (think "written" vs "wrote").

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