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  5. "Walking is quarter an hour"

"Walking is quarter an hour"

Translation:Kutembea ni robo saa

March 20, 2017



What? If it doesn't mean anything in English, then there may be no 'correct' translation to another language...

March 20, 2017


What does that even mean?

May 13, 2017


I agree with panglossa - most of these translated Swahili exercises make very little sense in English - when would one say [walking is half AN hour]? The sentences need a context: 'walking [to the river, to town, to the clinic, and so on] takes half an hour', would actually mean something useful.

May 15, 2017


Walking is quarter OF AN hour

April 3, 2017


The only context in which that sentence might make sense in English is if you'd just said how long it takes to get there using other means--but even then, the phrase is "a quarter of an hour" or possibly in some dialects "a quarter hour". And also, even in that case, it would be more natural to use "takes" instead of "is".

August 17, 2017


there should be an "of" in this phrase. we never say "quarter an hour'

January 16, 2018


"Walking is quarter an hour" is not correct English. The Swahili translation "Kutembea ni robo saa" may be OK (need a native speaker's opinion on that), but I would probably have said something like "Ukitembea, itachukua robo saa."

July 20, 2019


Walking TAKES a quarter of hour. - Kutembea inachukua robo saa. And.....In my dictionaries doesn't exist " kutembea" as "a walk " means the noun. For it is another word - matembezi ( pl noun 6 ) 1 walk, stroll 2 excursion, outing, tour, jaunt, pleasure trip

August 25, 2017
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