i think it would be really fun to have (top 10) skillpoint highscores, competing with all duolingo users. for example an all-time skillpoint highscore, a weekly highscore (points earned this week) and highscores per language.

February 26, 2013


Not something I'd personally enjoy, I'm afraid. I'm only interested in competing against myself. I can see that some might like it so an option might be interesting. I'd hate it if participation was compulsory.

Agree- interesting idea, but we should have the option to not be included in any high score rodeo.

I like it. I would like to see daily points leader and weekly points leader. I would like to know how I stack up to the most dedicated users out there.

It is enough to see my friends' points. It is not a simple game. Everybody should learn here the language. I can earn some points in an easier ways but learned nothing. It is not a goal.

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