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"Nein, so würde ich sie nicht nennen."

Translation:No, I would not call her like that.

February 26, 2013



Could you also say: "Nein, ich wuerde sie nicht so nennen?" and is there any difference in meaning?


Would the English translation be more accurate as "I would not call her like that [e.g., but rather in a more polite voice] or, perhaps "I would not call her [name her] that [e.g., I would not call her such as nasty word]."


'nennen' always has to do with names or naming something specifically, so it's the latter.


Thanks. I thought it had to be, but wanted to make sure.


I tried "No, I would not call her that" and it was rejected. I plan to appeal.


I tried "No, I would not refer to her like that " and was rejected. Incorrectly I think.


I went for the straight translation to "her" here, but am I right to assume that "it" would also work, if they're talking about an object that takes "die"?


I tried that and got marked wrong, so I'm not sure.


What's wrong with this English translation: "No, I wouldn't call her that way"?


I believe the "like" in the translation should be omitted. Otherwise the translation sounds like they called her in a mean way on the phone.


I don't understand what this sentence is supposed to mean. "No, I would not call her like that." Huh? Like what? Call her? What are these things referring to?

I would not call her on the phone?

This English is not common usage.


Yes would this be fine with sie=you?


No, "Sie" is always capitalized when it means "you". But "they" should also work (I have not tried it, though, if it does not, it has to be reported).


"Them" is accepted.


Couldn't "nein" be replacing a subordinate "if" clause here? As in: "If...., would you call her?" "No, I would not call her" where this last expression is a shortened form of "If..., I would not call her." If we accept this, then wouldn't "so" be translateable as a modal particle for "then"?


Is there a word that can be added in this sentence so that it has a sarcastic connotation?


The audio is really really bad on this one.

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