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Data Usage / Offline Mode


I'd love to use duolingo more, but I won't until there is an actually working and reasonable offline mode.

Reason: duolingo's data usage is rather high and would cost me almost all my data volume. I want to use duolingo mainly on the road. I don't want to go offline just to force duolingo to download a few lessons (which are hardly enough for an hour of learning).

I'd rather pay for an ad-free version of duolingo rather than wasting lots of money on my network provider.

Please, please, please solve this problem of high data usage :)

Thanks for listening

March 21, 2017

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I'm also surprised by the huge amount of data that duolingo uses. In one month of doing two lessons a day on the road, the app used 1 GB.

I use the android app on a Samsung galaxy s4 mini, btw. And I don't have the paid version, so I'm interested in how much data it uses for people who don't have to download the adds and how much data is actually necessary for the lessons. Also I would think that it must be possible to reduce the amount of data that the app uses.

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