"Das Center"

Translation:The center

February 26, 2013

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When would one say "Center" instead of "Zentrum"?

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    "Center" and "Zentrum" are largely interchangeable when referring to a place where people gather. More often than not, "Center" occurs in compound words, some of which use other English loanwords. Often the result is some kind of pseudo English.

    • Fitnesscenter (gym)

    • Einkaufscenter (shopping centre)

    • Shoppingcenter

    • Jobcenter

    • Callcenter

    • Kundencenter (customer service centre)

    There are some cases where you can only use "Zentrum", for instance, in maths or geography.


    Stadtzentrum, Handelszentrum wären andere Beispiele...


    Up until now I have learnt ´Center´, ´Zentrum´ and ´Zentrale´ for the very similar meaning words.

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