"Who is the voice of this band?"

Translation:Care este vocea acestei trupe?

March 21, 2017

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Why is who translated here by care, not by cine? Isn't care more similar to which? Or does it mean “which (of the band members)…?”


Yep, in this context, "care" would imply that the speaker is asking which member of the band is the vocals.

Personally, I would think the English calls for "cine", although the given translation is perfectly fine in my opinion.


"Cine" accepted


To say someone is "the voice" of something means that they represent it publicly. In other words, "the voice of the band" would be the member of the band who did most of the interviews etc. Somehow I doubt that's the intended meaning here.

If this is meant to refer to the person who sings, then we'd say something like:
"Who is the singer/lead vocalist in the band?"


so what is wrong with: cine e vocea trupului ăsta again? Just changed gen./dat from acestei to trupului


trupă is a feminine word; its definite-article form is trupa, and its genitive-dative is trupei. -ul / -ului are for masculine nouns.

See wiktionary: https://ro.wiktionary.org/wiki/trup%C4%83


Which one is right, trupe or trupa?

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