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"Сьомий день, сьома година, сьоме місце"

Translation:Seventh day, seven o'clock, seventh seat

March 21, 2017



This is what I mean by Duolingo being useless. I wrote "the seventh day, the seventh hour, the seventh seat." The program responded: You used the wrong word. Seventh day, seventh hour, seventh seat It did not say "o'clock." In fact, both interpretations are perfectly correct. "Сьома година після польота" would mean "the seventh hour after the flight," not "seven o'clock." This program is too bloody frustrating to work with.


"Seventh hour" is accepted now.


I agree that this exercise is likely the nadir of the course. It's little more than a bunch of meaningless words (not even sentences). Sadly, designers of language courses sometimes feel that the tasks are too easy and so are tempted to make you think (as in exercises where you have to do arithmetic or remember what city is the capital of what country), forgetting that fluency comes only when you stop thinking.


I have to choose words here in the app (so I'm not writing here), and it tells me I have a typo... It doesn't make sense


I also got a 'typo' comment when it was the correct choice. "...seven o'clock seventh seat." (Which I'd prefer to use "seventh place" instead of "seat". It makes more sense in sports.) DL must fix this....


The speaking part cannot be recognized by the programm since weeks. Only this module has got this problem

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