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"Gari lisipo kuja hatutakwenda"

Translation:If the car will not come, we will not go

March 21, 2017



Can someone explain why lisipo kuja is separated here? Or is it a typo?


I'm guessing typo. If you see it again, report it.


Reported to change to lisipokuja (8-Oct-2018)


Why sipo here it's won't and not don't, as it was in previous sentences? ??


"Won't" is incorrect in English. "If a car doesn't come" refers to the future.


There's no rule against using the English future after "if."

Contrast "If he doesn't go, I will" with "If he won't go, I will." There are both perfectly permissible but express different ideas.

Curious about Swahili translation implications.


It's a mess and this whole course is an insult to Duolingo


"-SIPO-" is a negative to the "-KI-" conditional tense ( the other is the word "KAMA" together with a straightforward negative tense). It's sense is "if not", so it will invariably be followed by a future tense, or an imperative (which has a future implication).


That being said, all the examples in the previous two lessons are translated with the "do" form: doesn't come, do not drink, etc.


O.K. I will treat this " lisipo" separately as a mistake, thanks, but....Why from now we should to recognize it like a future tense ? Already my trying to translate a few sentences in future tense was signed as mistakes. So, now is it some freedom in inerpretation how to translate the sentences ? =D Of course I met it several times during this course and I will be not very surprise. =D


If a car does not come, we will not go?


Guys, lisipo..kuja is obviously a typo.. But has nobody noticed the real problem here? The last word, shouldn't it be "hatutaenda"? Why suddenly an infinitive in the middle of a normal verb?


As I understand it "hatutakwenda" is the standard conjugation, "hatutaenda" a common colloquial form.


Both conjugation patterns are taught in the course.

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