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  5. "Are you an African?"

"Are you an African?"

Translation:Wewe ni Mwafrika?

March 21, 2017



Is the W here just for the sound? I would think that afrika is the root word and M is the singular so Mafrika would normally be the case but there is a reason W is put between M and Afrika..


Mwafrika can literally be broken into a wider form this way: Mtu wa Afrika (M W Afrika) (meaning a person from Africa)

So Mafrika wouldn't depict this meaning w/o W


M + vowel usually makes mw except in front of u.


Shouldn't it accept "Je" at the beginning, as it's a yes/no question?


Where is the different between "are you African" and "you are African" in suaheli. How do I know if it's a question


"Je, wewe ni Mwafrika?" is usually the most clear way to convey questions, although just adding a question mark is fine too. 'je' always goes at the beginning

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