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  5. "What do the children read?"

"What do the children read?"

Translation:Que lisent les enfants ?

February 26, 2013



I also wrote "Quoi-lisent les enfants?", I haven't yet figured out the difference between Quoi and Que.


que: subject/ object
quoi: follows preposition


quoi: without preposition: Il t'a dit quoi donc, mon fils?( P. Loti)/// Quoi is the object of any preposition except de.

Sais-tu à quoi il pense ? Do you know what he's thinking about?

J'ai étudié, après quoi j'ai lu. I studied, after which I read.

Avec quoi écrit-il ? What is he writing with?

Ce à quoi je m'attends, c'est une invitation.*** What I'm waiting for is an invitation.

C'est ce à quoi Chantal rêve.*** That's what Chantal dreams about.

*** When à quoi is at the beginning of a clause or follows c'est, the word ce is placed in front of it (ce à quoi).


Good explanation, but in addition you could also say "Ils lisent quoi, les enfants?", and this doesn't have a preposition.


Not mine, - https://www.thoughtco.com/french-indefinite-relative-pronouns-1368864 ...

que - object of a question:

Que veux-tu? = Qu'est-ce que tu veux? = What do you want?

To ask a question in which "what" comes after the verb, use quoi. Note that this is an informal construction:

Tu veux quoi? = You want what?



I'm not completely sure but maybe "que" is only for the object.


que - subjet: " Que reste-t-il de nos amours? Que reste-t-il de ces beaux jours? Une photo, vieille photo De ma jeunesse Que reste-t-il des billets doux? Des mois d' avril, des rendez-vous? Un souvenir qui me poursuit Sans cesse" ( Charles Trenet)


I don't understand the use of the "que" and "quoi".


Basic way of remembering it is:

Que is used before a verb.

Quoi is used by itself (Quoi?!) or at the end of the sentence.


THis is the simplest and clearest explanation!!!


This is the best explanation yet. It explains "Que lisent les enfants." Thank you!!


"Que' to 'Quoi'

Que means what and is used to refer to ideas or things. Alone, usually a direct object (que lisent les enfants?):

Que veut-il ? > What does he want? Que penses-tu de mon idée ? > What do you think of my idea?

After a preposition, que changes to quoi.

De quoi est-ce que vous parlez ? / De quoi parlez-vous ? > What are you talking about? À quoi est-ce qu'il travaille ? / À quoi travaille-t-il ? > What's he working on?



Que comes in the beginning and quoi is anywhere except the beginning


Guys, listen "Papaoutai", its easy.


"Qu'est-ce que les enfants lisent?" is acceptable as well. Qu'est-ce que operates with a verb, and it sounds more natural than que.


Drat. That's what I first typed, then I changed it to 'Qu'est ce que lisent les enfants ?' The Owl allowed it but said I had an extra space, and suggested 'Que lisent les enfants ?' as a correct answer. Oh, well; at least I'm learning by my mistakes.


Would "Les enfants lisent quoi ?" be valid?


Yes, it showed as a correct answer, as did "Que lisent les enfants".


It didn't list 'les enfants lisent quoi?' as a correct answer for me


Someone please tell me (us) the difference between "Que" and "Quoi". If I where to guess "Que" goes before a verb


From a question I posed a while back, it seems that your are right, 'que' goes before a verb while 'quoi' goes at the end of a sentence or by itself.


"Que" adresses the subject directly/ is the subject, and it's formal. "Quoi" is informal and indirect, so it has to come directly after the preposition, or else doesn't make sense/improper grammer


I don't understand when I can and cannot use a hyphenated subject at the end of the verb. Why would "Que lisent-ils les enfants?" Not be correct? Is is simply because it is redundant?


Yes, exactly, I had the same questions!


It seems to me that, in this case, "Que lisent-ils, les enfants ?", and "Les enfants, que lisent-ils ?" would (both) be correct questions.


I was taught in school that you never invert (hyphenate) a noun, only pronouns


any reason why "que lisent-ils les enfants?" didn't work?


Could you use "Que les enfants lisent-ils"?


That would be redundant. "Les enfants" takes the place of "ils".


I believe this is correct - it is how I was taught in school


It seems to me that, in this case, "Que lisent-ils, les enfants ?", and "Les enfants, que lisent-ils ?" would (both) be correct questions.


It is correct, but DL does not accept it. I am reporting it.


any reason why "que lisent-ils les enfants?" didn't work?


I would also appreciate knowing when "que" and when "quoi".


"Que" is formal while "quoi" is informal. "Que" is in the begining of a question because it directly adresses the subject being spoken or is the subject. "Quoi" is speaking of an indirect object, using it in the beginning isn't proper grammar. Is follows directly after the preposition. "Que est-ce" formal, what is it? "C'est quoi" informal, same question but literally, it is what?


The problem with this app is it expects you to just know from one example and without teaching you the grammar first. Its quite happy to string together English phrases that we never use eg "the lemon has a yellow colour", " What does she read" rather than The lemon is yellow. What is she reading. But it isfree and very good in other ways


why is it que and not quoin?


quoin does not exist as anything that would fit into this context..


Would it be possible to write: "de quoi les enfants lisent?"


Why cannot Quoi be used ????


Why isn't "Quoi les enfants lisent?" right? I mean the first word already suggests that it is a question. Plus intonation would work aswell...


Quoi is always used at the end of the question, not at the beginning.

I believe the right answer would be "Les enfants lisent quoi?" Not 100% sure about it since i'm still learning how to make questions properly.

Hope it helps, otherwise, please check this out: http://french.about.com/od/mistakes/a/what.htm


Wouldn't it be also correct that way: Que lisent-ils les enfants?


any reason why "que lisent-ils les enfants?" didn't work?


I put "Que lisent les enfants ?" but to me it just seems to say "what is reading the children?" does anyone else find this? How would you say "what is reading the children?"..... If you even needed to use that in conversation.... lol


Is this acceptable?

"qu'est-ce que lisent les enfants?"


merci beaucoup, pals this page really gets me out of confusion!


merci beaucoup, pals...


I wrote "qu'est ce que" answer was correct just curious if I was to formal or is the shorter "que" just the norm


"Que" sometimes functions as "do" as I noticed. How will this sentence differ from "do the children read?"


Est-ce que les enfants lisent ? = Do the children read?

Qu'est-ce que les enfants lisent ? = What do the children read?


Why not "quelles lisent les enfants?"


Why is 'lisent' before 'les enfant'?


I wrote, qu'est ce que les enfants lus ? Why's that wrong ? P.S -Lus was suggested in the dropdown list


Muddled about que and quel and can't get beyond short cuts. Help


I have a select the word on this one and i have selected both of the write ones but get it wrong!!!!Why?!?


I don't understand "Que lisent les enfants". What's the rule for que + inversion + nouns? All the examples are with pronouns (ie. "que es-tu?")


I think making questions in french is the most sophisticated part of this language. I can't sort it out!!!!


Many of us are wondering why : Que lisent-ils les enfants? is not accepted. Someone please explain. Thank you


you can: Les enfants, que lisent-ils? do not put two subjects together ( ils les enfants).


I answered this one with "Qu'est-ce que les enfants lisent" based on what I've learned so far on this module/topic that's what I thought the grammar should be. The owl accepted this answer but then also suggested that another answer could be "Que listent les enfants".

Which would be the most correct? Is the "Que" option informal and the "Qu'est-ce que" formal?


How about "Les enfants, qu'est-ce qu'ils lisent?"

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