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"Voglio che qualcuno mi offra da bere."

Translation:I want somebody to offer me a drink.

March 11, 2014



Offrire da bere means to offer (someone) a drink. DL is not wrong, there is nothing wrong with this sentence. ...qualcosa da bere is also not wrong, but 'qualcosa' isn't necessary.

I often wonder why so many seem keen on DL being wrong.


perhaps it is not so much that they want duo to be wrong, as that they want to be right - despite being beginners... this sometimes happens with those accustomed to being good at most things.


I believe what might be even closer to the fact of the matter is that the program has proven itself to all the users as deeply flawed. Italian is a complex language and the apparatus that is supposed to comprehensively contain it in all its nuance does a second rate job of it at best. In a word, it's Clunky... Attempting to learn a language from a person whom you know speaks it only nominally fluently themselves would be the same. One would become wary of their corrections. I don't need to be right. I just need to be certain I'm wrong. And I have seen too many native speakers say in these forums that the sentence in question is never spoken the way that it's written, or, just as often, that there are two or three other ways to say the same thing that Duo doesn't accept.


I want that someone offers me something to drink. In my opinion, this is a correct rendering of the sentence. Their translation, I want someone that offers me a drink, does not say the same


You're right, "I want someone that offers me a drink" is not correct and has now been fixed. Your alternative should be "I want that someone offer me something to drink," however, since "offer" is in the subjunctive. Or you could go with the much more natural, "I want someone to offer me something to drink."


I wrote the same, and agree that their second translation sounds incorrect. Have reported it (28 April 2015).


Weird that "da bere" means "a drink". Thoughts?


it means to drink, not a drink


I wrote "something to drink" and it was accepted


Qualcosa da bere= something to drink (italian native speaker)


Maybe it would sound better if it was like this : Voglio che qualcuno mi offra qualcosa da bere. ?


DL does not accept "I want somebody offers me a drink. " "Offers" was corrected in "offer". I am not certain that "offers" is incorrect. Of course "to offer" is much better. Any views of native speakers?


Sorry, you cannot say "I want somebody offers me a drink."



"I want somebody offerS me a drink" is not grammatical English.

To avoid trying to master subjunctive mood in English, use the infinitive " somebody to offer", or even "somebody would offer" - both of which sound better here.


Why not "anyone"? How would you say "anyone" as opposed to "someone"?


'chiunque', qualcuno', 'nessuno', 'persona'


hello i wrote "i want that somebody offers me something to drink" but DL corrected "...somebody offer me something..." so without the-s. But why without the -s? Isn't it he or she? Could somebody explain it to me per picere?


DL seems to be insisting on the subjunctive in English, although we often use the indicative in normal English and DL usually accepts both.
For example: "I insist that he leave" and "I insist that he leaves" are both possible in English, but the former (subjunctive) sounds more formal.


What is the correct Italian translation: I want somebody to offer me TO drink?


That is not a correct English sentence, so an Italian translation is not really possible. You would have to say "I want somebody to offer me SOMETHING TO drink" and the sentence is this exercise would be OK for that, or perhaps voglio che qualcuno mi offra qualcosa da bere


Offer or buy for dinner but not beer!


Yes. DL is frustrating, isn't it (did I use the Subjunctive there)???


Most...useful...phrase...yet. Grazie Dualingo!


I want someone to offer me a beer?? Is that incorrect?

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