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Inspiration for learning Swedish

Just lately, my family and I went to an IKEA home furnishings store for the first time to check it out. I noticed on every price tag that adorned the decorations was the name of the designer, always Swedish or Norwegian, and below the English instructions and facts about the product were the same instructions in Swedish. English and Swedish were the only languages in which the instructions were added. Even in their little Swedish deli, everything had a Swedish name, contained something of Swedish tradition, and was always Swedish food!

Even though I had no desire to learn Swedish before, this inspired me to learn more about a language which one store used on everything! I hope the Swedish course here on Duolingo is fun and entertaining, because the next time I visit IKEA, I want to be able to recognize lots of words in Swedish. I'm off on an adventure!

March 21, 2017



I hope the Swedish course here on Duolingo is fun and entertaining

You have no idea.


I downloaded Duolingo to introduce myself to a language that I ended up not enjoying. I already knew several of the featured Romance and Semitic languages so I decided to give another Germanic language a try (aside from my native English).

Nearly every other language I have learned in the past has been completely foreign, so this homecoming to Germanic language (Swedish) has been natural, simple, delightful. My Swedish score is not high on here because I did the Swedish course two years ago on another account that I do not have access to anymore. I came back to learn German now, which I find more difficult than Swedish, but still similar, and I like the challenge. I am repeating the Swedish course just for fun and it is... VERY FUN.

Hope you enjoy. Good luck.


I started learning Swedish because I moved to Sweden. But on a recent visit to IKEA, I was delighted to understand the name of a lamp - årstid (season) - thanks to duolingo!


Swedish is cool. I've done at least one lesson a day since it started!


I started learning Swedish because some of the bands I really like are from Sweden (Sabaton in particular).


I've never been to an IKEA, but they look like so much fun - I live in regional Australia, so no IKEAs here.

I found myself wanting to learn a language for fun and wanted a language with similar roots to English for simplicity. I chose Swedish because I own the Millennium Trilogy DVDs and I thought it would be cool to actually be able to follow some of the audio instead of just the captions. Forgot that words like 'murder' and 'spy' aren't exactly common teaching material :D Still, Swedish has a wonderful sound to it, so I'm having fun.


I started learning Swedish because it sound so cool :) I love to listen how this language sounds. I'm already learning it for almost 3 years now. I can't say that I know much, but I understand a lot. I'm not so disciplined in learning, I didn't come here for long, and now I have to start from beginning :(


haha I found myself saying "you are not ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ serious" many times while doing the course


Well... There's this girl...


I started because I have some family in Sweden who have been asking me if I had leaned Swedish and I was always so ashamed to say no so I decided to start learning

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