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  5. "Eu alerg, tu înoți."

"Eu alerg, tu înoți."

Translation:I run, you swim.

March 21, 2017



Some native Romanian speakers would spell înoți with a double 'n' i.e. tu înnoți, and, înnota is listed in dexonline.ro as a verb meaning to 'advance on the surface of the water' i.e. to swim. So, are both spellings valid or is there a difference?


The standard spelling is " înoți". But because the stress is on the second syllable, it sounds a bit like "înnoți", so some spell it like this (which is non-standard). They discuss this issue here: http://www.ubers.ro/blog/a-inota-sau-a-innota-grammar-nazi/


Verbix gives present indicative conjugation of Eu alergez and Alerg doesn't appear anywhere in their conjugation tables - help!


Conjugation of a alerga: eu alerg, tu alergi, el/ea aleargă, noi alergăm, voi alergați, ei/ele aleargă.

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