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  5. "La gata no es mía."

"La gata no es mía."

Translation:The cat is not mine.

February 26, 2013

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If the sentence said "el gato" instead, it would be "El gato no es mio". Right?


Yup. With the accent though "mío".


in simple, not the gender of the possesor but the gender of the pronoun of the possessor changes as of the gender of the object being possessed.

el gato is mio.

el gato(the cat) is object of possession.

mio is possessive pronoun.

whoever be the possessor of the object either male or female, the possessive pronoun changes according to the gender of the object being possessed.

for instance: i am male ,possessing a female cat.

in español it would be

la gata es mia.

for ,male cats being possessed by female person

los gatos son mios


What's wrong with: "That's not my cat."


nadin2 - you have to translate the words that you see.


I believe that would be "ese no es mi gato" or "esa no es mi gata".


if the last letter of a spanish word is either "o" or "a" depending on gender, couldn't this question that gives the option "mia" or "mio" be correct either way depending on what gender the person answering it is?


Not the gender of the person, but rather the gender of the thing possessed (which makes sense because it is a pronoun). So, if the object is masculine, the pronoun changes accordingly. This also happens if it is a plural object - pronoun becomes plural: Los lápices no son míos



Las gata es mia = a female cat

Los gato es mio = male cat

Is that right?

Also, what if the thing being possessed doesn't have a gender, such as an object?


El gato

La gata

You have to learn the grammatical gender for every noun.


why is "its not my cat" wrong?


its wrong because thats not what was being translated. "its' and "the" are two differenet words.


Why is it mía, and not mío?


It is a female cat (hence the word gata)

If the cat were male, it would have been mío.

The (male) cat is not mine - El gato no es mío

The (female) cat is not mine - La gata no es mía


Where do i put the negative in a Spanish sentence?


It goes before the verb.

I do not want to sing - No quiero cantar

My dog is not red - Mi perro no es rojo

She does not eat the apple that is on the table - Ella no come la manzana que está en la mesa

Of course, although it is a rule, there is an exception. After things like "I don't like", it goes before "me" and "te".

I do not like red doors - No me gustan las puertas rojas

You do not like insects - No te gustan los insectos

Hope that helps.


You're welcome!

Thank you for the lingot!

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