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Some question for Learners taking Vietnamese course.

Hello everyone! I'm Vietnamese and I'm very happy that many foreigners are learning Vietnamese in Duolingo. I just want to know the reason why are you guys taking this course and what do you find most difficult in Vietnamese. Another question: which kind of Vietnamese are you learning right now, Northern, or Southern Vietnamese? I hope these questions do not bother or annoy anyone. I'm so sorry if this dicussion annoy you. ( Please forgive me if there is any mistake in gramma or in vocabulary )

March 22, 2017



I want to learn all four languages of the Sinosphere (Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese) as I LOVE Sinosphere culture and history. I would love to live in the Sinosphere in the future. I plan on learning Northern Vietnamese as it is the most Sinospheric.


Four languages! Wow, it will be very hard! I hope your dream will come true one day. Thank you very much.


How can you learn Japanese ? It hasn't available yet on Duo .


I'm very glad to see this post. I can speak Chinese but it's useless for me right now because I'm living and working in a community where most people are Vietnamese, especially my co-workers. I just found out Duolingo and started Vietnamese course recently. I feel that this course is very helpful for beginners like me, so thanks to all contributors. So far, so good, I haven't encounter any problems except some missing audios. The hardest part of learning this language is the accent, therefore, I need tutors to correct my pronunciations. Add me friends and I'm willing to help people learning Chinese in return.


Thank you and good luck with your work. Let's be friends then :)))


Knowing Chinese (especially Cantonese) will also help a lot in learning Vietnamese and the other way around. Unfortunately, there are a few people who are hostile to commentators sharing insight into the connection between Vietnamese and Chinese.


Oh it is great that you can speak Chinese. This language is very helpful in the future :))


Hello! I personally am learning Vietnamese because a few months ago, I had Vietnamese food for the first time! I found it delicious, and it randomly inspired me to pick up the language! The woman that owns the restaurant is a native Vietnamese speaker. Though I won't have many opportunities to speak to her and/or use the language over here in the United States, I do hope to travel the world someday, and knowing Vietnamese could come in handy! The most difficult thing for me is remembering all of the accents, and actually typing them. I am still pretty awful at typing in Vietnamese, and though a phrase might look right in my head with the accents, it generally will not come out right when I type it. It is one of the more challenging languages I am learning, but it is certainly a lot of fun, and is my first Asian language (save for Russian, but that is in a different family). I am learning the Vietnamese on Duolingo, which I believe is Southern Vietnamese, though I am not 100% positive. =D


Wow, you have a very special inspiration. And, I do understand your problem with the accents, because I'm a native speaker but sometimes I can't understand what people living in the North of Vietnam say. That's why I find it hard to learn Vietnamese in Duolingo, because most of the pronunciations here are played by Northern voices, I'm sure. But I believe that's what makes my language beautiful. Thanks for telling me, and as a gift, I'd like to show you a music video which tells about Vietnamese food. Actually, there are two parts so, enjoy all of them. Click here Click here


Hey you, I want to say you about your grammar in this post. In English, the word "very" use before adjective, not verb. And the word "sorry" is a verb. You should edit it.

For example, when you want to say "cảm ơn rất nhiều", you must write "thank you very much"...v.v. You don't say "Very thank you".

i am not unforgiving you because you grammar, I only remind you about your grammar.


I will fix it. Thanks so much.


I am learning Vietnamese for a lot of reasons. First of all, it can be very useful, especially where I live (There are many Vietnamese people in California, where I live.) I also want to go to Vietnam some day, because it looks very beautiful. On top of that, I think that Vietnamese is a very interesting language, with all of its pronouns and noun classifiers. I wanted to learn a non-European language and I decided on Vietnamese. Not sure which type of Vietnamese is on Duolingo, but I think it is northern because it has 6 tones. The most difficult for me is the difference in phrasing, because Vietnamese people phrase things much differently than you would in English. This, although it can be hard, is also very interesting and helps me learn about Vietnamese culture, which is another reason I wanted to learn Vietnamese.


Foreigners usually find it difficult to learn a language just like Vietnamese because words are sometimes used without rules. It also depends on the feeling, the emotion that people want to show. You can try to understand it by sending your feeling into the sentences. It may help you, I guess. But I hope you will pass over this problem soon, and thank you very much.


Hello! I'm learning Vietnamese for a few reasons. The main one is that I want to go to University in Hanoi and Vietnam looks very beautiful. Secondly, I think that Vietnamese is a beautiful language, with its alphabet, diacritics, and musical sound.Though I won't have many chances to use the language with where i live. Thirdly, Vietnamese culture is so interesting to me!

The most difficult thing to me is the tones. I still can't seem to make them or differentiate between them. I can remember sentences/phrases, words, and type with diacritics.

I am learning Northern Vietnamese, which is what Duolingo teaches :)


I am learning Vietnamese for many reasons! 1. I would like to speak some basic phrases to the people/places I frequently do business with. 2. I have tried to/am learning other languages. Vietnamese is by far the most difficult for me, which helps me exercise my brain more!! :) 3. I am interested in Vietnamese people and culture overall.


Hello! I will visit Vietnam soon, and I try to pick up some "survival vocabulary" before. I want to learn the Southern forms, but most sources I find teaches Nothern Vietnamese...


My background is Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese, though I am not particularly fluent in either language) and I have friends who are native Vietnamese speakers. The sounds of Vietnamese are quite different from any other language I've studied, though knowing some Cantonese helps since there is a lot of common vocabulary.

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