"One cup of tea with milk, please."

Translation:Eine Tasse Tee mit Milch, bitte.

February 26, 2013



Why are they using an accusative case in a dative case lesson? Sorry, just wondering.

February 28, 2013


'mit' always takes dative, but since there's no article here you don't have to change anything

March 10, 2013


Why doesn't it use the preposition 'of' as in 'of tea'?

April 5, 2013


I deliberately left out Tasse, believing they'd require me to use "of" if I were to say Tasse Tee, and went with the hesitant presumption that saying "ein Tee" could pass for a cuppa in Germany. I was betrayed. It truly is difficult to structure phrases in my mind when I equalise things such as prepositions and conjunctions for every case; I shouldn't do this.

June 22, 2019
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