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Despite the fact that this had been discussed before, I want to clarify and elaborate more on this topic.

  • سوک / suka

/su.ka/ - like

This basically can be use to show a liking to anyone and anything. Nothing much to elaborate for this.

  • سايڠ / sayang

/sa.jaŋ/ - love

This kind of love is usually used to show affection to someone for example family, etc which doesn't involve any romance. Basically, this is the first degree of love.

  • سايڠ / cinta

/t͡ʃin.ta/ - love

For this type, we use for romantic love typically used for soulmates, boy/girlfriend, husband/wife etc.

In English, love is also used for objects like food, games, etc but none of these 'love' in Malay fits the category. For this situation, normally we translate this as:

  • ساڠت سوک / sangat suka

/sa.ŋat su.ka/ - love (lit. really like)

Using these words above alone in a sentence will make it intransitive. So, it will be like I love. or I like. Hence, after the word, we put:

  • اکن / akan

/a.kan/ - similar to of

The word akan can be substitute with:

  • -(ء)ي / -i

/(ʔ)i/ - This is a suffix that carries locative, repetitive or exhaustive.

So all the words above will be like:

  • مڽوکاءي / menyukai

/mə.ɲu.ka.ʔi/ - to like (transitive)

  • مڽايڠي / menyayangi

/mə.ɲa.ja.ŋi/ - to love (transitive)

  • منچينتاءي / mencintai

/mən.t͡ʃin.ta.ʔi/ - to love (transitive)

I will elaborate more on the suffix later.



Kumencintaimu. - I love you.

.ساي ساڠت سوک اکن بواه اورين

Saya sangat suka akan buah oren. - I love orange (fruit).

Proverbs/Idioms of the Lesson

  • سڤرتي بولن دڠن ماتاهاري / seperti bulan dengan matahari

/sə.pər.ti bu.lan də.ŋan ma.ta.ha.ri/ - like the moon and the sun

Meaning: A truly perfect match

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