"Maendeleo ya watu"

Translation:Development of the people

March 22, 2017

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Can't this also mean "development of THE people"?


Maendeleo development is an interesting word. Ma -ende- leo the 'goings' today

Am I right here?

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I think it actually comes from the verb kuendelea, which means "to continue". I believe it does ultimately come from kuenda, but I'm not quite sure what the -le derivational suffix means.


it does indeed. the -ele- infix is prepositional. It transforms "to go" into "to go on" (or as you say, "to continue/develop").

There are a few different forms of the prepositional infix: kusoma = to read, kusomea = to read to kupika = to cook, kupikia = to cook for kufungua = to open, kufungulia = for opening

The prepositional form uses an "e" if the preceding vowel is an e or o (like in kuEnda and kusOma) and an "i" if the preceding vowel as an a, i or u. The added "l" is used when the second to last letter of the verb is also a vowel (I think that kuendelea is actually the prepositional form of kuendea, which is an unused prepositional form of kuenda).


"development of the people" or

"people's development;"

Unless as a slogan, title, office --- , rather the fore-mentioned than:

"Development of people."


I'm eminently certain that the English is wrong... in context it is the cultural understanding and development of a people as a whole, district, region or country; i.e. Human Development !

Development of the people is as if it, is social development (in Swahili thought processes, not translation) - arising from teaching; rather than human economic increases and abilities. This is due to the lack thereof; until the last 46 years. A short time, with little economic developments, lending to low education levels and very little hope for over 80% of the population, who still need social development. Hope this helps to align your thinking to a 3rd world standard.


again duolingo accepts a wrong answer - i wrote ja watu


I don't understand in what context you would say this...


"Developed" in "less/more developed countries" also envelopes people's bettered health, enhanced nutrition, raised education, heightened liberty, etc - i.e 'development of the people:' success, growth, progress, flourishing of the people.

(Perhaps yours was not a question about this, people's development?)

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