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  5. "My name is Viktor."

"My name is Viktor."

Translation:Мене звати Віктор.

March 22, 2017



What's the difference between звуть і звати? Seems like they should be the same case...is it a gender thing?

[deactivated user]

    No, they are completely interchangeable in this meaning.

    • «Зву́ть» is a 3rd-person plural form, it’s like "[They] call me Victor". When you use a 3rd-person plural form without a pronoun, you create a indefinite-personal sentence. Such sentences are used to say that action is performed without saying who performs is (English sometimes uses 'they' in this meaning).
    • «Зва́ти» is an infinitive. I’m not sure why infinitive is used in this sentence (it's like 'to call me Victor'), but this usage is quite common.


    Thanks for the explanation, but I couldn't find that word "звуть" in dictionaries. Do you mean "зовут"?

    [deactivated user]

      This is a discussion of the Ukrainian course, and you’re learning Russian. :) My comment is correct about Russian, too, but the forms are different:

      • In Ukrainian, the infinitive is зва́ти, the 3rd person plural form is usually звуть, sometimes зову́ть.
      • In Russian, the infinitive is звать, the 3rd person plural form is зову́т.


      Oh, you're right, please forgive my mistake. :) I had found this discussion on my activity feed and just unwarily assumed it was the Russian course.


      what is the difference between мене and мені and which one goes with each звати звуть this is very confusing

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