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Does watching movies in different languages help to learn?

I'm listening to the Dr. Horrible soundtrack right now, and I was wondering if watching movies or listening to songs in different languages actually helps to learn the language better?

March 22, 2017



Yes. You'll be listening to the rhythm of the language and its pronunciation. You'll catch the words you already know almost effortlessly!


True. It only takes a short while before you hear the gaps between the words and a short while later before you hear the gaps between the syllables.


I find it useless at the beginning, but once you can hear 25% of the words or more, it would speed up your learning process because you can start figuring out the missing words. The trick is to know which movies are good for you at what stage of your learning. Most beginners just watch whatever they can find, and that's not helpful.


I don't agree. While it's definitely much more beneficial, it's not useless either. My approach is to dive into the language and it's worked for me so far. Actually, consuming content in your target language before studying helps you a lot with pronunciation since you have a vague idea about how it should sound. Surrounding yourself with the language from day 1 is the best method.


Definitely, it's a great way to get used to speed/rhythm/accent and pick up new vocabulary and grammar. Plus, in my experience at least, finding a movie or TV series in the language that you're learning that you really love can be an amazing motivator.


Absolutely, it helps strengthen pronunciation and shows the relationship / similarities between your native language and the language you're trying to learn.


A lot, actually. Specially songs. What I do, actually, is that I watch dubbed cartoons or movies with audio and subtitles in my target language. Those are always the easiest and good for my German level at the moment.


The movie should be originally in your target language, I should say...


To me it depends on what language. For instance, if the language is to fast you may not pick up anything. However, if it is like a children's show, and they speak slower and simpler, perhaps you could learn.


If you're a beginner, I agree, but once you get a little more advanced that's not really a necessity. Once you get a bit used to the language, you can just watch anything you want. I'm learning Japanese and just watch whatever I feel like and I can still recognize a lot.

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