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  5. "Die Nächte sind notwendig."

"Die Nächte sind notwendig."

Translation:The nights are necessary.

February 26, 2013



The nights are necessary is the weirdest sentence I have ever heard. In what context would anyone say this?


Perhaps they are getting all metaphysical ;) The nights are necessary... to appreciate the brightness of the days.


It could be something similar to the following: Business conversation: Person 1: "Why don't you reduce the factory hours and only run during the day?" Person 2: "We cannot complete all orders using only day shifts. The nights are necessary."


Very good! I didn't think of that. Still, I think a sentence that needs such a specific context is less useful for a beginning learner of a language.


Achtung: Nächte = Nights Nächste = Next


This sentence is rather beautiful.


Would this mean "the nights are inevitable" or something else? Or it just makes no sense at all?


The translation is ok. However without context the meaning remains unclear.


Lost a mark here because I can't spell necessary. :(


That's unfortunate to try to learn German and then the application takes points for not knowing English :(


Could someone please explain the difference between 'nötig' and 'notwendig'? Both mean essential, yes?


It seems "nötig" is more close-to-life "necessary for someone". Besides, there is expression "etwas nötig haben" to express the idea "needs something". For example "Sie hat einen Stuhl nötig" ~ "She needs a chair". "Notwendig" is not used is such an expression and means a more generic "necessity". Just like in English you use "possible"/"impossible" without specifying, possible for WHOM and under what circumstances.

Could a native speaker of German clarify this?

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