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  5. "Η δεξιά πλευρά."

"Η δεξιά πλευρά."

Translation:The right side.

March 22, 2017



If this is right as opposed to left (rather than right as opposed to wrong), would "right-hand" also be acceptable? When giving directions we (BE) will often say "You'll find it 100 yards along on the right-hand side of the street". If not, is there a different way of saying "right-hand"?


It's right as opposed to left. We often say Θα το δεις στο δεξί σου χέρι=You will see it on your right hand side, but I think it is ok to accept that translation, too, as στο δεξί χέρι is used for someone's right side and not for a road's right side for example.


Can this be referred to politics?


I'd say it's kind of unlikely. I've personally never heard someone referring to politics with the phrase "Η δεξιά πλευρά", exactly as it is. (That might be just me, though.)

For politics, it's mostly Δεξιά, all by itself. ^.^


Thanks a lot for the explanation!

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