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Everyone here wants to speak another language fluently

How exactly is that accomplished?

You might be a complete beginner to language learning or at least to studying (languages) independently. You might already be a polyglot that has your method perfected that fits your personality and interests.

My independent method looks something like this:

  • Obtain - a guide/book for absolute beginners. Read through slowly, allow some of the language to imprint itself into your memory.

  • Connect - join an online social network or community that interests you and where you can connect with native speakers who are only using your target language.

  • Youtube - is your best friend. Gaming, shows, movies, video-bloggers all available 24 hours a day.

  • Change - your DVD/Blueray player to the region of your target language and purchase your favorite movies/shows from past and present. Nostalgia can work tremendously because of the emotional connection you have to a certain thing of the past, and reliving it in a different language. Music is a great example of strong emotional connections that can aid language learning.

  • Use - notebooks/flashcards to continuously write down all words and phrases, and reviewing them. This is the closest thing to actual studying.

  • Rest - if you reach a plateau of interest - take a long break from the language, almost put yourself in the state of mind where you have given up trying to become fluent, when you return to the language, you will be better than before.

Immerse - last but not least - don't study the language, but live in it.

What's your method?

June 22, 2012


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