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Translation:He drinks

March 22, 2017



Why "anakunywa" and not "ananywa" ? Kunywa is not a monosyllabic verb.


Actually, it is. Any Swahili resource you look at will list kunywa as a monosyllabic verb.

There are two bi-syllabic words that are sometimes treated as monosyllabics, kwisha/kuisha and kwenda/kuenda (which is why some sentences in the course use -enda and some -kwenda, and unhelpfully I do not think there is any rule to tell us which one to type. It could just be down to which team member wrote that particular sentence).

But kunywa is considered a proper monosyllabic verb.


No way that's a proper monosylabic


Consider it as 'ku' the infinite marker for a verb, plus 'nywa' — try to pronounce as one syllable..

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