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"Der Arbeitgeber hat keinen Laden."

Translation:The employer does not have a store.

March 11, 2014



How would you make Laden plural here?


Der Laden/die Läden. Der Arbeitgeber hat keine Läden. (akkusative plural indefinite article kein-e and plural of Laden with a vowel change.)


I said the employer has no load? Was that wrong?


the load - die Ladung
the shop - der Laden

[deactivated user]

    ...but the shop assistant does?


    die Verkäuferin hat ein Geschäft


    "The boss does not have a shop" not accepted!?

    [deactivated user]

      no I am afraid not. Boss/CEO/chief/executive is not the same as employer.


      Why not 'The boss doesn't have a store' which isn't accepted by Duo.


      Boss and employer has some overlap, but doesn't have to be the same thing (HR normally employ on behalf of the company for example). A boss is better represented in German by Chef or Geschäftsführer.


      The previous question for me was to translate "the employer" into German - my answer was "Der Arbeitgeber", which was not accepted. Considering this question, how does that make any sense?


      Was that the entire question? Can you post screenshots if you get them again? Perhaps you had a typo, the wrong gender article or some other error that might have given you the red banner.


      My answer should be given as correct It was identical to the correctt answer


      You have a small typo here, so maybe you made one when you answered. If you can post a screenshot here or copy and paste your whole sentence, then someone might be able to help you.


      What is wrong with ‘the employer has no store’ ? It’s perfectly good English, with exactly the same meaning as the ‘given’ answer.

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