"Sing now"

Translation:Imbeni sasa

March 23, 2017



Is the "correct answer" (Imbeni sasa) because it's plural? Because if so, there was no way to know the commend was meant to be for more people.


Where it is unclear in the English whether the answer should be singular or plural I have been reporting it, suggesting both should be accepted. It might be a good idea for you and others to do the same, so that between us we can catch more of them.


I'm doing the same thing now but at first I wasn't sure if this is my error and I'm just wrong or not. Thanks.


This question does not indicate singular or plural, therefore both answers are correct. But because this particular lession is about plurals, Duolingo expects your answer to be in the plural. We must always keep in mind what the lession is about.


This sentence is in Commands.

Or, rather, some sentences are in multiple lessons with focus on different aspects.

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Unfortunately with the new star system, you don't see anymore what the lesson is about.

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