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  5. "Ninyi hamjambo?"

"Ninyi hamjambo?"

Translation:How are you?

March 23, 2017



The grammer notes need to be put on the app.


1 Ninyi here means "you all" 2.Nyinyi is the most commonly used instead of nyinyi. 3.The m in the word hamjambo is used on purposes of word classification in groups called ngeli.You will learn that later 4The word ninyi adds more specificity to the greetings for example if directed towards a specific group of people.Hamjambo used alone is more general Hope that helps a bit


This sentence is misleading in English. The tip/hint is correct, but the words they give for input are lacking. Ninyi (you, plural) hamjambo (good/fine, marked for second person plural) should be "How are you all?" But the words the website lets you pick from are "How are you?" and does not include any English pluralizers. Be very careful with Duolingo. They often do not mark in English the plurals or other moods, tenses, etc. that the target language marks! Any time a word changes form a little bit -- you need to ask "why" and "what does that mean". If you do these things and find the answers, you'll be better off. Duolingo only hints, and does not outright teach.


"Y'all alright" is another translation right?


So hamjambo, wewe hujambo, and ninyi hamjambo, all mean " how are you"?


Yes and no. Swahili puts prefix markers on words to mark things like number. For example mtoto is "a(one) child", and watoto is "children (more than one child)". As the number of the subject changes, so do the prefixes (kind of like subject verb agreement). So what is going on with "hamjambo" is ham marks for second person plural (aka you all). Ninyi (you, plural) ham(2nd person plural marker)-jambo(good, well) = How are you all? Wewe is you (singular), Wewe (you) hu(second person singular)-jambo(good/well) = How are you?

I recommend writing down everything Duo gives you, noting the "hints" and watching how the prefixes on word roots change to get a better idea of what those prefixes mean, and which ones go with what and how.


Yes, I was confused by the similar meanings.


I'm getting a little overwhelmed-how many different ways are there to say "how are you", and "hello"? I understand that there are 'formal', 'informal', 'colloquial', etc...but I'm starting to lose track, lol! Could somebody help give me the rundown? Thank you!


I don't think the translation is supposed to be "are all of you okay" but it's not " are you okay" I don't think they got a right


Don't quite understand what this means. What is ninyi?


Are you on the website or the app? I would highly recommend going to the website and reading the Tips and Notes for skills as you unlock them.

Ninyi is the second person plural pronoun, the plural you.


I just realized, isn't it a bit unnecessary to have the ninyi in-front of hamjambo, because ham- stands for plural, so hamjambo would do a sufficient job?


I'm wondering too...


i believe it's yes because earlier Hujambo did't had anything before it


I agree with you PriyavShah, seem rather unnecessary because the word "hamjambo" seems to mean the same thing even without the plural


See daviesmkareee's comment earlier - it is to put emphasis; often in speech certain words are not needed for the connotation, but add denotation. Kind of like the social meaning or situational meaning is altered slightly.


If I'm not mistaken, there's a Wewe hujambo in the lesson.


I would really appreciate it, if the tips and notes would be available for the app as well


I was on the app, maybe i'll use website more for time being :D


Weird, I can't access Swahili on the app ... it says it's not released for the app yet and asks me to change to another language.

In any case, I find the website a bit better because it's more challenging. You have to type more and not just move words around. You have to learn the words and not just recognise them.


Wich website? You mean duolingo.com? Bse i tried to go on webside but i can see i can learn only english french and german.. it is not possible to learn swahili. May you send me the correct address of the website you are speaking about? Thks


I agree that the info on the website is very helpful. It would be great to have available in app. As of 3 Aug 2020 I do have the option in app to us the keyboard instead of selecting word bubbles/tiles.


"Nyinyi" is just a reference to the people one is talking to. It is a plural translation of the word "you"


is " How is everyone?" wrong?

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