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  5. "Je l'ai vue à la soirée."

"Je l'ai vue à la soirée."

Translation:I saw her at the party.

February 26, 2013



I made the mistake of translating this as "I saw her in the evening" - what would be the proper French version of that, maybe "Je l'ai vue la soirée"?


if it was 'je l'ai vu a la soiree' would that be 'I saw him at the party'??


Yes, because the participle needs to agree with the direct object if it appears before the auxiliary verb.

Both "le" and "la" contract with "ai" to make "l'ai" so your only hint to the gender of the direct object is "vu[e]". If it is masculine (vu) then you can infer it is "le" - i.e. him - and if it is feminine (vue) you know it is "la" - i.e. her.


I think that soirée and party don't match!


Yes, and "soiree" is used in English (usually without the accent), so "I saw her at the soiree" should be accepted - reported it.


a soiree is not a party - it is an evening party


In the 'hover above hints', a suggested translation was 'I saw to it...'. Did anyone try that? Can the phrase 'Je l'ai vu(e)...' really mean that, does anyone know?


If it were 'them' instead of 'her' , how would the sentence go?


"Je les ai vu(e)s...", probably.

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