"His dwelling has a red roof and a garage."

Translation:Locuința lui are acoperișul roșu și un garaj.

March 23, 2017

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Why is the definite article used for acoperiș ? Can we say "un acoperiș" instead?


I think it also incorrect. It should be un acoperiș.


Well... this one is a though one to explain, but here it goes.

The definite/indefinite articles are used slightly different between languages.

When I hear "un acoperiș" I take into account that there might be others as well. "Casa are acoperișul roșu" = "The only roof of the house is red" "Casa are un acoperiș roșu" = "The house has a red roof, but there might be a blue one as well" - take into account though, that "The house has the red roof" means something else (the red roof that we bought together or something)

That being said, "un acoperiș" should be accepted, but "acoperișul" is more commonly used.

PS: I translated withe "un acoperiș" as well. The answer was for "Why is the definite article used for acoperiș ?"


Good explanation!


It's "un acoperiș". "A roof" has indefinite article, and "un" is the romanian equivalent. Trust me, I'm Romanian.


Yeah, and for "the" it should be "acoperişul" . The app got it mixed up


A roof e folosit cu articol nehotarat, nu duce nimic cu gandul ca ar fi o expresie definita, acoperisul hm

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Yes it is 100% wrong. Was supposed to be "un acoperis". They are translating "a roof" as "the roof". Unfortunately one of the many errors in this Romanian course.

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As a native Romanian speaker I think un acperiș is correct


Traducerea corectă este Casa lui are un acoperiș rosu si un garaj. A red roof = un acoperiș roșu ar fi trebuit sa fie the red roof = acoperișul roșu


was i wrong with locuința sa? it didnt accept it


You were right! Should be accepted.


ah thanks bro ill report it was hella confused


Surely with the presets the definite and indefinite articles should not both be alternatives with the oddity being considered right WITHOUT some prior explanation / introduction that explains this. The indefinite article looks right from an English point of view but I see BOTH sides argued from the Romanian side - which tends to suggest both should be accepted.

It is a good course, but so many of these .... irritations.


A good translation is :"Locuinta lui are un acoperis rosu si un garaj."


the use of the word "dwelling" is.... Very, Very old fashioned!! in contemporary british english this word will Never be used.....the correct translation is his House and in american english : his place ! i have noticed before that the DL teachers are not native british english or american english speakers.... this means that pupils with little knowledge of the english language are taught uncommon words a/o phrases.


wel ..at last someone from DL - 1234duolingo- has given the correct translation..... i would wish Dl would/could intervene more often when discrepancies arise!


Nu acoperișul, că înseamnă te roof

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