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  5. "Americans go to a meeting"

"Americans go to a meeting"

Translation:Wamarekani wanaenda mkutanoni

March 23, 2017



Same difference, just shorthand in similar vain to how in english you can say don't instead of do not....kwenda is To go.. what is important that describes the action is the -enda


Interesting. So that would suggest that the kw part doesn't actually have any intrinsic meaning? Or is it still a morpheme on its own? And if so, what does it signify?


Why not Wamarekani wanaenda mkutano? mkutano is the word we were taught in Level 0 for meeting


The Tips and Notes section for Skill "Locatives" explains the locative suffix -ni, which can mean in, on, at, to and even from:
... some common nouns can be suffixed by –ni to form locations ... proper nouns are not suffixed by the suffix –ni, like countries

Chumba will become chumbani – in the room
Shule will become shuleni - at/to the school
Kijiji will become kijijini – in the village


i tried this too, didnt work


What's the difference between wanaenda and wanakwenda?


We really need some explanation for both the issues that other commentators brought up. What's the difference between kwenda and enda and what ni indicate at the end of a noun


Why not use the habitual for this? I'd translate this as "the Americans are going to a meeting." 17052020


The only (seemingly) correct option I had was "Wamarekani wanaKWenda mkutanoni." This is the first time I've seen the "kw" retained. Is it a typo or a slightly different meaning?


What is the difference btween mkutanoni and mkutano? Also why is kwenda a suggested option vs wanaenda?

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