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Rethinking language Clubs

So Duolingo has added "clubs" to encourage us to practice and be active by igniting our competitive drive.
Before CLUBS existed I found myself "following" the high achievers scoring 200XP per day because it encouraged me to see what is possible. By being around people with higher standards we tend to levitate too. When it comes to clubs, Duolingo has the opportunity to rethink them now. In order to have a first, second, and third position, we have to have students at the positions "down below" who can be part of the club yet stay at 10XP weekly or inactive...

Wouldn't it be much better if instead of throwing only individual challenges, there was the opportunity to reach TEAM GOALS together encouraging every member's active participation?

  1. COMMITMENT to a daily/weekly INDIVIDUAL XP value in order to reach the TEAM'S daily/weekly XP score. Every team member commits to a minimum XP value per day or week. The Clubs could b associated with a daily XP value by default too. So, if everybody commits to 50XP daily and achieves it, the team gets"club lingots" or just extra lingots for each member. The extras that each member does go to a "common treasure box"

  2. SELECTION If the person does not achieve the agreed value, she/he is removed from the club so that they can find another club that has lower XP values (ex. club with people that commit to 1XP daily is better than being inactive!!)

  3. TEAM SCORE IS REWARDED Every member needs to reach their individual values so that the club can achieve the common score which could represent more lingots for everybody or a new type of score.

The whole idea is for clubs to encourage people to work TOGETHER, reaching a COMMON GOAL through INDIVIDUAL EFFORTS and mutual ENCOURAGEMENT.

It is time to rethink competition, I personally find it more encouraging when we work as teams and not against each other.

We need to rethink education too and technology has the possibility to do so by offering new ways of learning that encourage collaboration and team growth+ support!

What do you think?

March 23, 2017



I'm still confused what's the difference between a club and following people either gives you a leaderboard.


Yes, both systems allow you to "compare" your activity with others. You have the opportunity to join a club for each language that you are currently learning; your position on the club's leaderboard depends on your progress in that particular language. On the "home leaderboard" the total sum of your weekly XP (all languages included) is displayed and you can compare it to the other people you are following. When you are part of a club you get notifications whenever someone takes over your spot and you can somewhat encourage each other (the messages you can send are pre-determined, you can choose from the available options)


OK I still don't see me joining a club. I do see your point about trying to find members with common goals I think I saw some clubs posted where they said they would drop anyone who didn't hit a specific goal


The point is to create a new way of learning that includes more collaboration, less comparison and still encourages you to achieve more!! Cheers Ken


i see what your trying to do, i totally support you


Gracias Elijah! :)


I love the idea of team goal and team competition. We used to have a Mod vs Mod competition. Each team would be headed by a mod. Each member of the team could earn 1 point by gaining 100XP for the day. At the end of the week, whichever team accumulated the most points would win. I'd love to see this as an option in Clubs. :)

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