"Nós sabemos quantos centímetros tem um metro."

Translation:We know how many centimeters one meter has.

February 26, 2013



Why not "We know how many centimeters IN a meter"? That's the proper idiom in English.

October 29, 2013


I think you forgot "are" here, "We know how many centimeters are in a meter"

January 13, 2014


I don't think the "are" is necessary. It makes perfect sense without it.

February 10, 2014


"Are" is necessary. "We know how many centimeters __in a meter" is a noun clause, and clauses need verbs.

May 26, 2014


No. You need the "are". It sounds gramatically poor even in informal usage without it.

June 3, 2014


I've always said "How many centimetres make a metre" and in the UK no one has alooked mystified.

February 26, 2013


You could say: quantos centímetros fazem um metro

September 13, 2013


That's also correct in Spanish.

July 28, 2013


haha, an why is 'we know how many centimeters has an underground', not accepted? cannot we know how long is the undeground? :D same word i recon

September 3, 2013


That is "metrô", not "metro". And it means "subway", not "underground".

September 15, 2013


FYI these two work as synonyms :P the actual term depends mostly on the city and local slang :)

September 15, 2013


If you do know how long the Underground is - in centimetres - you are one of a very few - I reckon.

September 15, 2013


When is the question "How many centimeters does a meter have", you use "have", but in this one you use "has". So I've been wrong trying to follow your lead. Can you please make up your mind.

May 24, 2013


Duolingo is correct. Those are two different contexts.

June 20, 2013


Your example includes 'does' so 'have' is used instead of 'has'.

October 22, 2013


You cannot say "does... has"

April 4, 2014


i guess it depends on how you frame your sentence. if you say "we know how many centimetres one meter HAS" it is perfectly alright as "has" refers to the one meter. Alternately you could also say "we know how many centimetres does one meter have". "have" in this case is referring to the multiple centimetres

July 31, 2013


The 3rd person of the verb Have in present simple is conjugated as Has. The 3rd person of the verb Do in present simple is conjugated as Does. When in a question verb Do proceeds Have then the conjugation in 3rd person goes to the first one. The verb Have stays as it is. So if: -The meter Has 100 centimeters -How many centimeters Does a meter Have?

May 2, 2014
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