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  5. "El momento final es mío."

"El momento final es mío."

Translation:The final moment is mine.

February 26, 2013



Is mío correct because momento is masculine?


Yes. Otherwise it should be mía: "la carta es mía".


It seems that sometimes the adjective comes before the noun and sometimes after. What is the rule?


"The final moment is mine, before all sinks into blackness. As the world fades into darkness, I remember everything, finally.... all the madness, all the terror, the moments of joy I shared with my best friend..... I remember it all, as the clouds cover my senses and it all goes silent...." If you want more, please upvote and comment!


Part two, since at least three people want more. "Suddenly, I am awake. Or at least, I believe I am awake. My head is buzzing in pain, but the pain merely confirms that I am alive. I slowly open my eyes. Even a task as small as this intensifies the buzzing in my head. Everything seems blurry and fuzzy, and my thoughts are muddled." Again, upvote/comment if you would like more!


what's the different between final and última?


From what I gather;

Final = final

Ultima = Last


But... What's the difference between final and last? (sorry, kinda dumb question)


Well, let me tell what my husband said. He is an American. That might make difference in his word use. He said that “last” means usually “previous” like “last night” (the night before today.) I thought about something like “I am last in the line to cash register.” “Final” is the final. Nothing comes after like “final sales.” Everything will be sold out at final sale, and shelves are available for next-year goods. But he commented that we can talk about last sale. In this situation we are talking about, hmm, probably, Thanksgiving-Day sale or last-year sale even last year final sale. So you can see there is slight difference in the meaning between words “last” and ”final” and they are used differently.

I hope that helps.


I see what you're trying to say, and I'll try to keep that in mind from now on. Thank you for taking the time to help!


The difference is the connotation. English, being the great word borrower, has developed a rather large number of words that mean the same thing but bring to mind slightly different things. Like the words "ill" and "sick". They both mean "to not feel well". The former brings to mind someone curled up in bed with an elevated temperature. The later brings to mind someone vomiting into a toilet.


what's wrong with IT IS MY FINAL MOMENT


It's a lot like in English. They're similar sentences, but not exactly the same. "It is my final moment" would be "Es mi momento final," which implies that it's your last moment of doing or being some particular thing. "El momento final es mío" means that the final moment of something is yours, all yours and no one else's.

What you know for absolutely certain from each sentence is more or less the same, but the implications and the style are different.


Sounds like something cool for someone to say in a movie.



Great. So first Duo kills me, then decides to claim the final moments of life?

I'm really not normally this dismal... the word final really brings it out in me.


Can any body explain to me why final is after momento please?

[deactivated user]

    In Spanish, the adjective is almost always after the noun. Not always - "Buenos dias" is a good counterexample, but mostly use the noun-first rule and you're unlikely to go wrong.


    Wait your profile picture is Loki, are you behind this sentence!?


    I LOVE duolingo BUT - Oh dear - another rather odd sentence asif the traditional men were not bad enough




    How do you possess a moment?


    Thats what I'm wondering.


    Sounds like something that a villain would say.


    "El momento final es mio." - Spanish speaking super villian


    This is my new catchphrase to shout when I'm winning at anything.


    So your saying its, THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!

    That is yours?


    Ok, this is getting too weird for me! First, there is a good knife, then a useful knife. Those were funny. But then, it says I'm not real, and says the final moment is mine. I think Duo is trying to go somewhere with this, and I'm not liking it.


    What is the difference between "último" and "final"?


    Why is it 'the final moment is mine' and moment and final are the other way round?


    Why is there a random contraction translation?


    This sounds like something a villan in like mario would say


    The moment is finally mine! Mwhahahahahaha!!!


    I said "the last moment is mine." Why is last not a good translation for the spanish word "final?"


    I personally think that sounds Halo-ish


    The final moment is yours!? Does that mean I'm going to die?


    That sentence though... XD


    Why does this app make us type in english? Somewhat of a less productive use of time when trying to learn español. Type spanish, select best answer in english please.


    Minute, moment, momento, what's the difference?


    The final moment is mine...the awesome moment.


    The last night was long.......and the final moment is MINE!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Duo is going psyco on us! LOL!


    Its my final moment can be the same as the final moment is mine


    IT IS MY FINAL MOMENT was graded wrong. why


    The moment is finally mine. I see why its wrong....or not totally correct. I flip the noun and adj. in my translation looking for a sensible way to say the sentence thus changing the meaning a bit. Its the same in conversation so the meaning comes out the other way around. Frustrating.


    MInute should be acceptesd

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