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  5. "Unakula kwa saa ngapi?"

"Unakula kwa saa ngapi?"

Translation:For how many hours do you eat?

March 23, 2017



What English phrase would this be in place of? I don't typically ask someone how long they spend eating


Why would you ever ask someone how many hours they spend eating? "As ngapi" means "what time" doesn't it?


This feels ridiculous and annoying somehow. Btw, Google translate comes with this translation as well. Unakula saa ngapi is translated by At what time do you eat. My level of Swahili is definitely not prepared for these subtle differences and texts I never would use.


kwa is never a period of time. plural of hours would be masaa: "wewe hukula kwa muda gani?" "masaa mangapi inachukua kula?"

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