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No feedback on complex suggestions

I often get feedback about my suggested translations being accepted, but I've never got any comments about my more complex suggestions:

  • to replace a sentence with a more natural one or a more useful one (I usually provide alternatives).

  • to remove a sentence from the lesson because it has nothing to do with its topic.

This topic: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/11129 was posted 9 months ago, but the sentences mentioned are still given in the Genitive Case unit and there are no comments from Duolingo staff.

Why is that so? Does anyone of the developers pay attention to the relevance of the tasks to the lessons? If such suggestions are not appreciated, just let us know, but ignoring them altogether is frustrating.

February 26, 2013



Sorry about that. We do look at the suggestions, but sometimes we can't get through all of them. Changing the suggested translations is easier than the sentences themselves. We will try to do a better job.


Thanks for your reply, Luis. I would not complain if I received at least a few answers, but there was never any feedback on the suggestions more complex than adding another translation.

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