"Rhaid i fi ddysgu nofio."

Translation:I must learn to swim.

March 24, 2017

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Could this also be 'I must teach swimming'?



To avoid any confusion, if it is not clear from the context, you would probably say something like:

  • Dw i ddim yn gallu nofio, felly mae rhaid i fi ddysgu - I can't swim, so I must learn.
  • Rhaid i fi ddysgu nofio i bobl eraill - I must teach swimming to other people


I fogot to say that that you can use addysgu for 'teaching, educating':

  • Dw i'n addysgu mathemateg/nofio/etc - I teach maths/swimming/etc


"I have to learn how to swim" should be accepted as the meaning is identical


The meaning of "to learn how to swim" isn't identical. You may acquire information about swimming, but you may not be actually able to swim. That would be Rhaid i fi ddysgu sut i nofio.

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