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  5. "Twenty-five dollars"

"Twenty-five dollars"

Translation:Двадцять п'ять доларів

March 24, 2017



Where is the apostrophe on the Ukrainian keyboard?

[deactivated user]

    Usually it’s on the key to the left of 1 (where `~ is on the US keyboard, and ё is on the Russian keyboard).

    Some operating systems (Windows XP) don’t include apostrophe in the Ukrainian keyboard at all. In some Windows variants, you might need to choose ‘Ukrainian (enhanced)’ keyboard layout and not ‘Ukrainian’. This is a problem with Windows: keyboard layouts without apostrophe and not usable for Ukrainian. If you use such OS, you might need to install a non-standard keyboard layout.


    Thank you! It is indeed the key to the left of the 1 on the Ukrainian keyboard I have enabled (I'm pretty sure it's the enhanced one. Like why just have Ukrainian...when you could have "enhanced" Ukrainian, you feel me?)

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