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"Emilian hapendi somo la Hisabati"

Translation:Emilian doesn't like Mathematics

March 24, 2017



Something wrong here.



That's a problem with the app. It drives me crazy. It's strange though, it tells me I can't use the app for Swahili.


It is ironic that this education module is one of the worst in terms of its translations and understanding of English. I think I have spent more time sending reports and suggestions than on Swahili learning. Sigh. I think I need to just get to the end of this section and then have a break to chill.


Beta is one thing, but a lot of this just seems sloppy work.


I understand they were rushed into Beta to satisfy the demands of "mkuu wa Duo". I don't think they had time for proofreading, and with (apparently) only one native speaker of English on the Swahili team, that is a tremendous and time-consuming task.


This might be the worst section. I haven't seen one so completely inconsistent with what it deems the right answer, nor one with so many consistent grammatical errors. Pretty much every one I have to report as "my answer should be accepted" and "the english translation has an error"



In American English we would rarely say "subject of" and since the translations don't include the whole phrase either, is it necessary to include in Swahili? Would "Emilian hapendi hisabati" be acceptable to anyone (except overworked DuoLingo contributors)?


I can easily join the group of dissatisfied and " maniacal" reporting =D =D =D I also admire myself that still I am here. These 6 months learning - the strong test of my patience and mixture between war and adventure =D


Since "Somo" apparently also means "lesson", could this also means that Emilian doesn't like a particular math lesson? "Emilian doesn't like the math lesson" was not accepted, but, having little confidence in Duo at this juncture, I turn to you all for the right answer.

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