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Abuse of the voting system

I've been taking a break from Duolingo for a while, but since I've come back I have noticed that there is a real problem with abuse of the voting system. I am not talking about giving spam or abuse negative votes. In fact, Duolingo is one of the only sites that gets rid of hate so easily by us deciding what should disappear (instead of waiting around for a moderator).

All that being said, I am seeing a lot of helpful discussions with -6 or more down-votes. Sometimes the discussions aren't helpful, but simply someone asking for advice they can't find elsewhere. When I shared my Duolingo story (in the Share Your Duolingo Story forum), it received something like 10 negative votes. And it was just me sharing my personal story!

I am not writing this to complain. I am writing this because I think the voting system is no longer effective on Duolingo. A person can no longer tell by looking at votes what is going to helpful and what is not. It's more of a guessing game. Does anyone else notice this problem?

I know Duolingo has had a problem with "down-vote trolls" for a while, but this has really gotten out of hand.

I bet this thread will even get a ton of down-votes.

March 24, 2017



I agree. I think that maybe only users who have gotten on or above level 8 in a language or level 5 in two languages should be able to up or down-vote stuff, or users who have been on Duo for a couple of months should be able to vote. This would prevent people from making spam accounts, which is part of the problem.

Edit: Wow! I just got back, and checking on this comment, it got 13 downvotes in the past two hours!


That's an excellent idea. People with higher levels are more likely to be serious users and would actually want to see more helpful and advice-related discussions. Someone needs to pitch this to the higher-ups. I hope that someone at the top sees this.


I agree with this 100%. The ability to vote could be an achievement that they earn. The big problem is that this sometimes gets truly helpful comments hidden.


That sounds like a brilliant idea! I, too, am fed up with trolls but there's no way for us users to get rid of them at the moment. It's Duo's turn.


100% yes!

Maybe it could be something you could use the lingots for.


It's the people who spam who are then upset that their tripe is down-voted who in-turn down-vote the real discussions. The spammers tend to have multiple accounts and go a bit mad with the down-voting. They'll stop soon enough when their mothers make them leave the basement for a half-hour to change the bed and do a bit of general tidying. And their short attention spans probably then will make them move on to the next thing - probably tweeting abuse to a random star's sister.


1) I don't see a share your successes forum. Maybe we need one specifically to post streak tree ad other inspirational stuff. 2) I like the idea of limiting who can downvote but I think the easiest way to limit it would be to change the minimum XP needed to join anything but the troubleshooting forum upward Duo should only need to change one value not add code 3) it would be nice if the people who downvote frequently edited the list of forums they see


Excellent points. Thanks, KenBookmye!


Abuse suggests they are doing something that isn't allowed. What you are describing sounds like the problem is with the system that Duolingo has chosen.

I don't understand why they have chosen this system instead of one with a "Report Abuse" feature. I would guess that the forums are not a priority to this company.


While in a technical sense, you're right that they are not doing anything that isn't allowed, they are misusing the system. Duolingo Staff used to encourage people to not give negative votes for (what they considered) petty reasons. The vote system was created to increase views on helpful posts and comments and to remove abuse through a democratic process. It is not being used for that (intended) function.


There are a few (or one) persons with lots of accounts who are downvoting everything on a large scale, in an attempt to make the forums unusable and to harm Duolingo.


Now that this thread has a -3, it seems there is little hope of the admins ever seeing it. T_T


The worst part is some of the really helpful comments that were near the top are also now missing. The suggestions were excellent ones too.

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