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Soon you'll be able to learn Russian, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Dutch, and Turkish!

I'm very excited to announce that the courses to learn Russian, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Dutch, and Turkish from English are officially under construction. They're being built by the same community contributors that made each of the reverse combinations in the Incubator.

Until now, all courses in the Incubator taught languages for which the Duolingo team had previously made a tree -- English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and French. With the new version of the Incubator released today, it's now possible to start a course to teach any language.

Making a Duolingo course from scratch is not an easy feat and making a system to allow contributors to do this is a major engineering accomplishment. As simple as the Duolingo lessons may appear from the outside, the internal brains are very sophisticated. For example, Duolingo has enough information to determine when a user is comfortable enough with verb conjugation in the present tense in Spanish to stop teaching every single form of each verb. It also knows that the word "drinks" in English can be both a verb (as in “he drinks water”) and a plural noun (as in “the drinks were good”) and that a given user may only know the verb form. All of these types of complexities exist in every language, and they must be specified for Duolingo to be effective at teaching the language. Vicki, one of our amazing engineers, led the effort to make this all possible, so you have her to thank for this (she also made the first version of our Android app!).

We don't yet know how long it will take the teams to complete their courses, but we're hoping it's a matter of weeks. Being in the first wave of teams to use the new version of the Incubator means that they'll probably have to put up with kinks in the system.

As the process becomes more stable over the next few weeks and months, we will be adding more courses to learn from English. Perhaps Esperanto will finally make an appearance :)


March 12, 2014


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I was actually in bed already, but being the Duolingo addict that I am, I read this post on my phone and had to get up to reply. I just wanted to say that whenever you think Duolingo cannot top itself anymore, you guys knock out something like this.

Sure, we all knew that the reversed courses and the other languages would come at some point. However, I was expecting this to take a lot longer - and certainly not 6 courses all at once!

So, now that I have said this, I can go to bed again. Good night! :-)

March 12, 2014


I'm so excited, I actually can not function right now :DDD RUSSIANNNN


I cannot wait to begin Russian too. It will be the first language I learn without a Latin-based alphabet. Great news Duo!


until duolingo-Russian course is ready to hatch, you could try this one: http://learnrussian.rt.com it is really good, for beginners or advanced learners!


I've been watching the Russian World videos on youtube and they've been very helpful too, in preparation for Russian coming out on Duolingo. They're quite good, so if anyone's thinking about that they might want to check them out


I would really like to learn Russian


I know! The different alphabet is actually part of why I'm interested in both Russian and Japanese.


Me too. I know that some of the letters in Russian are actually comprised of two or three of ours. I believe some of the Russian letters are derived from the Greek alphabet too.

Greek is another language I would LOVE to learn a little of. So happy about Duolingo. It is truly the best website out there for language learners of all levels. Great job!


I also cannot wait for Greek! I would like to be able to converse with my cousins in Greek and not just English.


Renegant, bro, learn your history. The Cyrilic alphabet was made for the BULGARIANS. As the two nations were close, russians took bulgarians alphabet. In fact, at first it was pretty hard to write, but then we (bulgarians) made is easier. So, no, the aplhabet you're so exited about is the bulgarian one, that sounds like .. ето така бе мили ми неуки хора 3 Научете малко български. Also, Cyril and Methodius were from Byzantine wich is not Greece. Sorry, couldnt help myself! I'm a ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ bulgarian and I cant keep calm when I see posts like this ! If you dont believe me read this : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrillic_script


That's right! Greek priest Cyril and Methodius derived the Cyrillic alphabet from the Greek one. When a Greek letter could not adequately represent a Russian sound, they came up with new ones.

I too would love Greek on Duolingo. I took 8 years of Greek School, but unfortunately I am not fluent in the slightest (I'm quite ashamed). I'd like to someday be able to converse with my Cypriot cousins in Greek and not in English.


ummm no.. its the Cyrilic alphabet. it didn't come from english..


I want to learn Greek as well, as it has SO MUCH HISTORY!


I am also excited that we will have the opportunity to learn Russian. As well as my native tongue Romanian, which I don't speak. I think it would be also cool to learn Arabic and Hebrew on this sight. Love Duolingo.


I am also excited about russian. I've been giving up on russian multiple times. I learned the alphabet and lots of stuff but I always stop (grammar is a huge barrier). I know Duolingo alone won't make me fluent, but I know it will teach me a lot and keep me motivated for a long time.


Exactly my thoughts. I kept giving up due to lack of self motivation, but this site is like Khan Academy for languages! Russian should be done in the next 3 months right?


Russian and Turkish!!!!!!! <3


I'm from Russia)))) Я из России)) Это невероятно))) Вас так много, желающий выучить русский.


Me too :) Cyrillic Alphabet it's not realyl hard though :) I can't wait for Russian and Ukrainian lessons:) I really need this russian lessons because i feel like i am fogeting how to properly speak russian , since i dont use them any more


Does anyone know when the Russian for English speakers will be available to learn through the Duolingo app??


Wait you have access of the discussions on your phone? How?


You can view them from the internet browser. You can also view sentence discussions from the Android app.


I read your post after gaping at your streak for a full minute. I certainly agree with you but before I can hope for sleep, I need to say: AMAZING STREAK!!! :D


Well-said, uh written. Past my bedtime, too. :)


thank you for what you did for all who benifit from your working.


I can't wait to learn Russian! I first want to finish my Spanish though.


Here's what I found on Luis' stream:

Puddleglum: When the Russian course is introduced, which Russian keyboard will be accepted? Will there be a choice between the traditional Russian keyboard and a phonetic Russian keyboard (OSX's layout is great)?

Luis: Official answer: We will have something that works well. Honest answer: I don't know what we're going to do :)


Wow. You did some digging. I would have thought that would have been buried in Luis' stream. :-)


Really? It wasn't difficult. Maybe I found it on your stream -- I don't remember.


You're right, it wasn't that far down in his stream.


By the way, I am pretty sure Duolingo just accepts your input as text, no matter which way you use to type it (for all it knows, you may be copy-pasting letters from the Wikipedia page about cyrillic alphabet). So you may very well install any keyboard layout you like as long as it allows you to type all 32 letters required of you.

Oh, and I am pretty sure it now accepts transliteration as well.


I think it accepts transliteration as well. I accidentally typed it in the Rus>Eng course, hit enter and was shocked when I realized that it accepted my transliterated Russian as correct.

I'm now not sure it should be Duo's priority to facilitate Russian input (or that of any other language) with the advent of Google Chrome input tools. Duo could just publicize a link or something to the Chrome extension and not have to worry about coding anything for the site.


It would be good if you give instruction how to enable Russian keyboard on OS for those, who don't know, and OF COURSE, to provide virtual russian keyboard :)


Cannot speak for everyone but I just don't know, for example. Installing keyboards on tablets is easy and as for Windows — weeell, google "phonetic russian keyboard". And click the first link. :)


Thank you Vicki! And everyone else who is beta testing the new Incubator! :D

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yes, thanks Vicki!!!


I need to throw some lingots at Vicki, where is she!


We'll finally get Esperanto?





I assume that means you or someone you know has applied to contribute and has been added/accepted as a moderator, to build the course?


Duolingo is the hardest working community EVER!!!! And thanks for everything because you're the best!!!!!!!!#GoDuolingo:)


If only Swedish was coming soon, I would be even happier! But, still VERY excited!


That, Japanese, Korean, Greek, and Latin.


Agreed. With Japanese on Duolingo, I'll actually learn it. I really want to, but the Japanese teacher at my school can't teach in a way that I understand. Duolingo can :)


You mentioned Latin and now I'm wondering what they would do for a Latin flag. A Holy See symbol? Roman Empire flag?


A picture of Julius Caesar, maybe? Maybe the Vatican flag, given Latin is associated heavily with Roman Catholicism. I'm sure they'd come up with something.


I'd say the vatican's flag, because it is the only country that accepts Latin.


Yeah. I really want Swedish.

Unfortunately, English is taught in Sweden. Considering the priority is primarily on people who don't speak English (Well, up until now, anyway), Swedish hasn't been a logical decision....


Swedish would be awesome. I also wish Danish, Japanese, Arabic, and Latin would be available. But all these would be hard (especially latin since it's considered a dead language ) so, yeah maybe some time in the near distant future. But isnt it incredible how fast all these languages are progressing? Impressive...


And Norwegian :P

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Latin is not a dead language, just not spoken by very many people. It has been in continuous use since more than 2,000 years, in the last centuries mostly by the Vatican.


If you know northern English and are well read in older forms of English, Swedish is dead easy. I learnt it very quickly. Danish is very similar, but the pronunciation is difficult. It is all burps and hiccups. (Approxiant consonants and glottal stops if you want to be technical.)


Finally!!! I'm so happy.

Thanks for all Duolingo. Believe it or not, you've changed my life... seriously :)


The floodgates have opened!


Amazing 6 in one day!!


Turkish! I do not know whether I can force myself to resist studying Turkish... I mean it will be right there, waiting for me. Thank you, Luis, and the DL Team for releasing all six courses to the incubator. And thank you moderators and contributors for continuing to volunteer! All of you, in all the courses, you have my deep appreciation and respect.

Bravo! Bravissimo!


Esperanto might make an appearance??? Luis, you have given us hope :)


Esperanto! :D Yay :D


They aren't my favorite languages although Turkish isn't bad, I'm really curious to try out very different languages like Persian, Hebrew, OR maybe Japanese. Esperanto is GOOD ;)


If you're looking for a challenge, I'm pretty sure the language of the Magyars will give you all you can handle. ;-)


Latter and former are both ones I'm exited for when they get announced and out of Beta.


Finally, Dutch! I have been refreshing the Incubator page for the last few weeks at least once an hour every day to see if it was there haha! Can't wait to have it in BETA! :)

Learning Dutch will actually make me feel productive and good about myself so I can't wait to get my hands on the course hehe (even learning the smallest basics the last three weeks has made my anxiety/self-confidence problems a bit more easier to control as I feel like I can actually be proud of myself) :)


Just a question, Larisa_L (contributor to the Russian course) basically said something that the way the current tools they have to use are /do not allow them to teach any alphabet other than Latin/. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2167524 Is there a way to fix that?


I´m hoping that is one of the changes to the new version of the Incubator this first team is testing while they build these courses. (crosses fingers( xD


More correctly, it doesn't teach the alphabet at all. If you need to understand other alphabets or writing system, you'll have to go elsewhere for the time being. Learning won't be difficult for alphabets/abjads (there are a lot of resources online that you can find just by Googling), but it might be more of a problem with Asian scripts (this is only speculation). I wonder how the team with tackle that problem.


Yeah I went ahead and learned Cyrillic elsewhere just in case this happened. I'm still confused on the ь, ъ, and ы. I might edit this if I can find a link to the app that I used.


In modern Russian it is not that easy. Ъ is reserved for separating prefixes eding with a consonant and a stem starting with a iotated vowel. Lack of palatalization is a bonus :).

If a prefix ends is S/Z sound, both palatalized and non-palatalized variants are possible. So such word as "разъезжались" has 8 and more acceptable pronunciations, depending on how you pronounce "раз", "зж" and "сь". I have read that this assimilation was more prominent in 19th century. Now many of these consonants are indeed not palatalized.

"Ы" is a vowel sound. Now can be considered kinda variant of "И", except they are historically unrelated vowels and don't sound anywhere near. Not that high and more open vowel, which agrees with the fact it appears after non-palatalized consonants.


hey I was wondering how do you pronounce "й" in a word? I know the actual letter is ee-krat-ka, but in a word?


Like "Y" in "yawn", "yes", "yell", "yum" and so on.

However, it is a sound that, being a semivowel, is prone to producing diphthongs.

  • combinations ай, ой, ий, ый and so on sound more like in "my" and "boy" and the likes
  • surely you know that without a consonant Е=Й+Э, Ю=Й+У and so on. This makes iotated vowels problematic in words like "играет", when it follows a vowel sound. Were it stressed, you would actually get "igrayet". But here it isn't and thus you don't. In unstressed positions "Y" between the vowels is almost lost, so Е (which is more like vowel in "hit" when unstressed) is just pronounced like И here.

BTW, try not to forget that vowels don't produce diphthongs in Russian. When two occur in a row, they are pronounced one after another, not like a single unit: поэт, паук, коэффициент and so on (on the other hand, stressed vowels in Russian are not only more clear and loud, but somewhat longer)


Giving you some lingots for that explanation even though I'm a 15 year old guy who has no idea what palatalization is:)


Conceptually pretty easy: the middle part of a tongue is raised up during the pronunciation of the consonant. Not after, but pretty much at the same time, so the sound is altered.

You may try playing with words like new or student. A typical pronunciation usually slurs the "you" sound into "ooh" or inserts "y". You may try altering the preceding vowel and listen to the results. Should sound cutesy (compare to http://www.forvo.com/word/%D0%BD%D1%8E/#ru )


This might help you with the pronunciation of ь and ъ.

Anyway, the soft sign (ь) indicates a y sound after a consonant (compare the hard p sound in "put" vs. the soft p in "pew"). The hard sign (ъ) indicates that the preceding consonant is hard, so it has no palatalization. This is necessary when a soft vowel comes after the consonant and the consonant is supposed to be hard.

The ы is basically pronounced like ee in English, but if you want to get technical, check the sound file for the IPA pronunciation.


Thank you. Have some lingots :)




Пажалуйста. :-)


"please" ? I think you meant спасибо! sorry, just for the record! :)


Пажалуйста can mean both please and you're welcome.


Oh cool I didn't know that, thanks.


They'll HAVE to add something eventually. Looking up alphabets for languages such as Russian, etc. is doable, but Chinese for example would be nearly impossible unless the characters are explicitly taught in the course.


Actually, Turkish uses latin alphabet so you won't need to look up alphabet :D It only has few letters such as ç,ş,ğ,ü different from English.


Chinese characters are more like words, though. I'm not sure how they'll do that one, but for the time being, it wouldn't be hard to learn the alphabet and phonetics of the languages that they are adding now.


We just need to learn pinyin... :)

that's how most people type in chinese on their electronic devices from what I understand.


I'm pretty sure when people type in Chinese, they use the Chinese writing system. There are keyboards which will do this.


Yes, I'm sure some people do that.

Just FYI, I know this is anecdotal, but here goes FWIW: "...all the “written” communication I do is via technology. I send text messages, write emails, use online chat programs and the like, and have been doing all this in Chinese on a daily basis. To type all of this, you just need to use pinyin. Chinese people do it this way themselves (I’ve seen people try to write text messages in Hanzi characters on their phone and its cumbersome and incredibly slow in comparison)." http://www.fluentin3months.com/chinese/


On iOS, adding "Chinese - Traditional/Simplified - Pinyin" adds a keyboard with the latin alphabet. You type the pinyin for whatever you want to say, for example 'ni hao', and it comes up with a whole bunch of characters using those sounds, and you choose which one you want. You don't even need to know the tones. It makes writing chinese very simple, much easier than the Handwriting option.


Ipad has keyboard on which you write the character with your finger, and it offers choices for the character. It also offers possible combinations and even make predictions for what you are going to write next. I find it much faster than typing in pinyin, and it's especially useful for writing characters without knowing the pronunciation.


This is probably the most amazing and important news DuoLingo had ever stated! And I am so extremely enchanted by your latest sentence ("Perhaps Esperanto will finally make an appearance :)") since I really, really, really want to learn the language on Duolingo as soon as possible =)

Thanks Luis and the staff, you are marvelous!


I can't wait for Romanian!


I will wait for Arabic.


That comment about Esperanto is tantalising!


Awesome job!! Thanks Duolingo team for everything


Awesome!:) I can't wait to learn Korean here when that course eventually is released.


I am excited for Turkish .. Can´t wait :)))))


Ohhh, YES! Checking the incubator every single day (even though I don't even use Duolingo for learning Spanish anymore) finally paid off. Totally going for Russian first, then probably Romanian, then Turkish. Not sure about the other ones. Probably do Dutch, too, but I don't know about Polish. Hungarian, maybe.


after finishing Spanish, I'm going for Dutch :D I tried to learn it few times, but with textbooks it's very boring :| and after Dutch... I dunno, Portuguese or Russian seem interesting


It's not boring if you have the right type of textbook. I've got Dutch in 3 months by Hugo, and it's been fun. It has different sorts of drills and exercises to familiarize yourself with vocabulary and grammar :)


Hungarian, Dutch, Turkish and Russian - I can't wait! Plus, these should be out just after I've finished my exams and school, so I can spend the summer on them!


Hungarian! Nagyon szep!


Russian - Polish - Dutch - Hungarian - Romanian - Turkish.

I think that will be my order to learn those languages.... 1 by 1, in order to learn them well :D

P.S. I'm SO excited!!! Thanks, thanks and thanks!


I'm so excited too. :) I'm going to start Polish whenever I finish my Portuguese tree but I'll have to wait and see what else is available by the time I finish Polish before I make any other commitments.

Can't wait to start learning the new languages! Great job duo!


You might get stuck on Hungarian for a while... in case that affects your order :)


You guys just made my day...super excited for all the new courses~!


Yay!! You guys rock!! Koodoos to all the stars doing all the tedious work it takes to make Duolingo the exceptional one of a kind thing that it is. Not only for making it the brilliantly & beautifully designed platform that it is- that works so well all the way around, but for keeping it free-to-all all the way. No freemium, no hidden fees, no ads, no small letters. Nothing compares or even comes close. You're teaching the world a lot more than foreign languages. Way to do it!!


Thank you so much DuoLingo! Recently I was looking for a course to learn Turkish, so the news that you have posted really made my day. I love you friends.


it is a gift for everyone your site and the offering knowledge. For example my native language is Greek. With Duolingo i learn now Spanish and i improve my Engilsh!!! Thank you for this and for all those are coming from you!!!


Cannot wait for Dutch! Also, loving the options for Romanian & Hungarian.

Merci beaucoup to you and all the volunteers!


I would say "Je suis d'accord" -- I believe that saying "D'accord!" is like saying "Ok!"


That's a much better idea.


Finally :D. Doing Russian in reverse has been a bit tedious ;).


I've had a go in all of those in the reverse course and it's really hard


Since these courses are for English speakers, and the English interface is already complete, shouldn't their progress be past the 0% mark? Like when the various courses popped up for Spanish speakers, the course was somewhere around a quarter to a third complete already (if I remember correctly).

I'm not complaining, just curious. I'm REALLY excited about all this!


Maybe the Incubator courses for English speakers doesnt need localization. Probably the percentage count is for the tree editor only.


THIS IS THE BEST WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hungarian! In that case, what about Finnish?! I want to learn Finnish! :)

Haluan oppia suomea


Awesome! Ich liebe duolingo, und, Ich lernen Niederländisch und Russisch! Danke, Duolingo!


Ich lerne auch Russisch! Eigentlich, ich lerne jetzt Russisch. Das ist sehr schwer.


This is going to be awesome.


Thank you! This amazing website just got even more amazing! :D


Now I keep refreshing the courses page to see when they show up there-- I'm really curious to see what graphics they've chosen for each language.


The Dutch course has started, and you can see just an almost invisible tiny part of the circle filled. It says the estimated completion date is September 15! Will it really take that much time?


Short answer: no, of course not. :)

At this moment, the estimated completion dates of the new courses are no indicator of the actual dates of completion.

The incubator mods and contributors all need to get used to the new tree editor, which is also still being developed in the sense of removing bugs, adding features, etcetera.

With regards to the Dutch course, we are also still in the process of figuring out the best lay-out/structure for the Dutch tree. As they say, well begun is half done ;)

I don't really want to give any specific estimates at this point, because there's a great chance that I'll be made to eat my words... However, I'd be very surprised if the Dutch tree were to take more than two months to build.


I'd just like to say thanks for putting in the work guys, I'm super excited for when the Dutch course comes out. I'm hoping I might be at least most of the way through the German tree by the time that happens which'll hopefully give me an advantage!


That is great! Now we get to learn more!


It's so awesome to see what used to be a smaller platform grow into something so huge!! Keep up the good work everyone! Will we ever see latin :)?


Thank you so much dear Duolingo Team!!! I can't wait!! :) Finally I'll be able to talk to my boyfriend's super sweet grandma, she speaks only Polish :) And I'm excited about what other people will say about the beautiful Hungarian language :)


Awesome news. I might try my luck at Romanian some day.


All I have to say is Russian, Japanese and Esperanto... Can't wait....


Question: I'm new to Duolingo... I was extremely excited to see they were working on Hungarian AND Romanian... but the projected date of completion for Hungarian is 2025, and Romanian doesn't even have one. Could someone more familiar with Duolingo's process than I am tell me whether or not I should be devastated by this? Are there any places where I can get updates on these languages' progress?


The projected completion dates are really only automatic estimates depending on the rate of work, etc. Both teams have made reverse courses (i.e. English for Speakers of language X) and they are still trying to perfect these and stabilise them, which is why their progress is quite low. I'm sure their progress could increase rapidly any day now. To see their progress you can look in two places: Here for percentage progress and the ability to request a notification: Romanian: https://www.duolingo.com/course/ro/en and Hungarian: https://www.duolingo.com/course/hu/en. Or you can look here for written updates from the team as well as visualised progress: Romanian: http://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/ro/en/status and Hungarian: http://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/hu/en/status. You can check out: incubator.duolingo.com in general to see all courses being created and those in beta (and beyond), including my course (Irish for English speakers). You can check out the reverse courses, and, if you're ambitious, try and learn the languages that way.


Awesome--thanks for the help and the quick response!


So...its been four months since this was posted. I hope that Duolingo is still working on Russian :). I already know Russian pretty well, but I'm excited to use Duolingo to keep my skills fresh. I'm using it currently for German (as of today) and I like it so far!


Why does Polish have to come out in 6 years, can you at least reduce it to one? I can't wait any longer


When will Russian be available? I cannot find it on the Android app Regards


Can you speed up the hatching process of learning Russia as English speakers please? Thank you so much!


That's great,I'm so excited! I have to hurry up and finish Spanish so that I can start with Russian. Good job, Duolingo team!


Duolingo is becoming better and better. You are awesome, thank you so much!! :D


Thanks so much! Yay!


Is there any chance to join beta testers?


There isn't any testing in the current alpha stage, but when the courses reach beta, anyone can test them.


Super! Great work, Luis and crew(s). Duolingo's English for Russian Speakers course is excellent, and (from my point of view) the opposite course should be even better, although harder, as there won't be easy points to earn for saying sentences in English. ;) The Incubator is marvelous.


6 new languages to challenge our brains, Russian is probably going to be the hardest


Polish may be just as tough, once you've learned the Cyrillic alphabet, which does not take very long.


I seriously cannot wait for Russian. I neeeed thisssss :-D


Awesome, thank you so much ! I started learning Hungarian and really need the extra practice and motivation to keep going :-) It's great !


Thank you!!! I'm so happy Russian and Dutch will be added soon! Can't wait!!!


Yay!!! I cant wait!


This is such awesome news. I can't wait for Turkish!!


This is AMAZING news. Thank you so much to the Duolingo staff and the language contributors. Thanks for all you do. This is an awesome moment in Duolingo history. Great job.


Super excited! I will not be able to resist any of these new languages. I'm trying to get as much done as I can with the "fab five" now so I can reward myself with the languages to come. Thank you so much for such a great site.

Also, wanted to say - this is the only place where studying German has truly helped me learn the cases. I noticed very early on that Duo goes from the nominative to the accusative next which has been truly helpful. All other German lessons I've had have gone from the nominative to the dative, and it's always tripped me up. Thank you so much - looking forward to more insane fun here!


Oh yeah! No more reverse courses for me!


Horray! Hungarian is my mother tongue and I don't want to let it slip. I wonder if I can test out the whole language tree (I guess there won't be much at first) but thank you Duolingo!


Please hurry up .... I'm going with the family to Hungary this year!


Would it shock you if I died with excitement?


I am so, so, so excited about this! This is amazing! I cannot wait to see many new languages to learn!


Oh my God, when will this be due? I'm so excited, I wan to learn every one of them (except for Hungarian, I've been using it for 23 years now :D...) Thank you, guys, for all your effort, it's great what you are doing :)


I'm really hoping that this isn't an accurate completion date: http://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/nl-NL/en/status :P :P


I believe it's automated, tracking % progress against time elapsed so far and estimating a date in that way. If I'm right (I read it, can't remember who said it so not 100% sure it's true, but it seems reasonable), it'll become more accurate as time goes on - especially after the initial couple of weeks of bugs being ironed out of the new Incubator tools we're hearing so much about.


The completion date is estimated at the end of each day. Based on how much was completed that day, it estimates how long it would take if the course contributors worked at that same pace. So, it could take more or less time.


Have you seen the Hungarian competition date? 2016!? I'd better go to the incubator and help them out, oh wait- I've already sent them a form. When and how will I know that my form to help with the Hungarian - English/vica versa courses have been accepted?


This is awesome! I can't wait for the Dutch course, since I was looking for a way to learn it already (to use this summer) but I'm super excited for the Russian course! Does anybody know if Cyrillic will just be taught as the first lesson plan or the first section?


Amazing! I can't wait to learn Dutch!!


Very cool! Thank you all for your hard work :)


YES YES YES YES YES!!! I have been WAITING to learn Russian from English! FANTASTIC job, guys!!!!! Keep up the GREAT work!


Great stuff! I’ve set out to learn French from scratch using ONLY duolingo - I’ve even told my brother who is an advanced learner of French not to explain to me ANYTHING, I want duolingo to teach me. I’m a Hungarian, living in Taiwan, and I applied to be a contributor, but I never got a response, not sure what your exact requirements for that are... Also... One thing I’m really waiting for is an ARABIC course for English speakers... Hope that’s in the pipelines soon!


English for Arabic speakers is already in the incubator, the reverse course, Arabic for English speakers, will probably come afterwards :)


I do hope so... Originally I wasn’t even interested in French (although I’m enjoying it now), but I started it cause Arabic was not available...


You mentioned you're Hungarian. Esetleg tudja on miert olyan lassan haladik az angol-beszelokert valo magyar tanfolyam?? Nagyon varom--pedig azt mondjak (a tanfolyam incubator lapjan) hogy 2025-ig nem lesz kesz. Akkor mar oregek leszunk! Plus, by 2025 I'll have forgotten whatever Hungarian I've been able to learn.. Just wondering if you knew anything?


Nem, sajnos semmit nem tudok. Szerintem még az angol részével vannak elfoglalva...


Looking forward to Dutch!




Can't wait until Chinese is on the table!


Yes, I can't wait! I really want to try Turkish. This is by far the best language learning website I have ever used!


Woohooooooo Russian?? :O :O :O ......... Hungarian?? D: D: D: .........mmmmm sounds interesting...........

Challenge Accepted!!! B-) I'm like.....Languageholic......


Excellent news ! I cannot wait for Russian to be offered. ;-)


go, Dutch, go! :D


Am looking forward to learning Dutch. Want to watch bicycle races without feeling silly.


Cool! (How) can I help building the Dutch version?


go to the duolingo incubator (incubator.duolingo.com), find dutch for english speakers (which is supposed to be in the first phase), click on it then click apply to contribute. They are going to ask you to translate something then it's up to the moderators to see if you're good enough or not to let you help with the language. good luck :)


This discussion is in the top five all time for upvotes, great job everybody! : )


Hy! It's great that you have thought to introduce these language courses. I'm very curious about Hungarian.

I'm Romanian and I also speak English very well. If I can contribute in any way to the Romanian course please let me know.

Keep up the good work and thank you!


As you are probably impatient as me for those news languages, I just saw in incubator that the Russian for English speakers has now an estimated DATE !!! Ok, the date is the 8 October 2018, but it means that somethings was put in the tree... A good news ;)


Only a few test sentences, which happened as soon as I realised we now have an almost fully functional editor. At the moment these estimates mean nothing (and yep, I am probably not too keen to spend more than 5-11 months while actively working on the Russian→English course)


So since it's near fully functional, will you be starting or waiting 'til the the rest of the bugs are worked out?


We are going to start typing in the basic lessons in a few hours.


I'm so excited that we'll get Russian soon! Thank you to all of you for your hard work!


Can't wait for the Russian course.

[deactivated user]

    I can’t wait for russian to begin :)


    Russian can't come soon enough. The grammar is crushing me in self study...


    You know that Duolingo is actally not that good at teaching grammar. It is a good practice tool, but you need to know at list the basics of grammar and keep exploring it all the time.


    I actually don't agree with you. I've been studying French for almost 3 months, from scratch. The French grammar is quite complicated, but I dare to say I'm pretty up to date on it to the level I've got so far... On one hand, just because Duolingo doesn't "teach" the grammar, you can still learn it pretty well by doing and on the other hand, here is the discussion where you can find out all bits and pieces about every sentence from native speakers and other students...


    Indeed, Discussions, and as an English for Russians course moderator I answer thousands of grammar questions in the discussions. And that is why I'm saying that Duolingo is awfully bad at teaching grammar. At least the current English tree doesn't work well for teaching Russian speakers. Everything is given as a mix without any useful context, present continuous is not given at all, articles are given in the way you cannot make any sense of them, perfect tenses have nothing to distinguish them from simple tenses and so on. And there are no grammar hints. As a result I've already answered several hundred times why you cannot write a women, a water, she eat and so on.

    Speaking of French, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be able to figure some grammar aspects without using external resources.


    I’m looking at duolingo as a whole, which included people like yourself, or Sitesurf and others in the French language, which I’m studying, and at least for me, it’s working. Can’t comment on the English for Russian, but I salute you for your efforts and your great contribution to all the people who are learning!


    I just heard that Incubator contributors are now able to add tips and notes. How much does this entail? Can you make tips now in the course for Russian speakers, or vice versa?


    Yeah. Now we can. Nothing special, it is just a paragraph or two (or ten) on the skill page in the browser app.


    Yay! I can't wait to learn Russian!!


    Thank you so, so much! I can't wait for Russian to be available!


    I am curious to see how Duolingo will have users enter answers in the Cyrillic alphabet for the Russian course.


    Boring and nothing to see.

    On-screen keyboard is a possible choice but I would suggest just installng phonetic keyboard if you are on PC and additional Russian keyboard if it is Android or iOS.

    If you are at least moderately interested in studying Russian then installing a keyboard is your only choice if you hope to use the language outside Duo. You see, it somehow seems less difficult to learn if you can type or write in a language whenever you want, look the word up in any online dictionary or find examples of use on the web.


    This is so exciting! I really want to learn Polish from the Duolingo course


    Could you perhaps add Lithuanian and Icelandic courses?


    We want arab and hebrew!


    I took Russian in college and have forgotten most of it I am really looking forward to being able to practice Russian again.


    I've always wanted to learn Russian I hope you guys finish it by the time I finish learning Portuguese.


    Very excited to start learning Russian!


    still waiting eagerly thanks for all the work you do!! (:


    Coming back to this post, it's pretty interesting to see that only one of these courses ever graduated from both the incubator and the beta (Dutch), while the other five are still being worked on. The other three courses for English that graduated (Irish, Swedish, and Danish) were added after these were.


    Which reminds us that when Luis says "soon" you should not take him literally ;)


    Cant wait for Russian! :D


    Been waiting a year since this post, Luis.. What was possibly a few weeks has drawn out to a year. Any updates?


    You can find the relevant updates for all of the courses in question on their respective incubator pages; the teams post updates from time to time discussing the progress of their courses.



    thanks Duolingo, i discovered you couple of months ago, and meanwhile u've already added Esperanto and Turkish, amazing !!! dankon :-*


    I am very glad to see that the languages I want to learn are near completion. This is great for me as I have been hoping to learn Romanian and Hungarian for years!


    Russian and Polish, coool! Ich will soon finish my french tree and was quite sad.


    Have you remembered to practice your French?


    Yes, but offline. I'm using multiple systems like écoute, assimil and I am already reading easy readers.


    Good deal. French has great books to read--just wait! Not only Literature (capital L) but popular literature too.

    If you're looking for more French to do on Duolingo, besides immersion, you might try going through the tree again from the beginning. That is what I'm doing, and it's working out great. This time, don't go past a lesson until you have scored a perfect 20 on it, and then at the end of a "skill" ("fruit" on the tree / collection of lessons) don't advance to the next skill until you score a perfect 20 on the timed exercise for that skill. This really helps w/ spelling and phrases/idioms that you may have "snuck by" last time. It takes a long time, however, at least for me.

    Also, keep track of which lesson you finish with each day, and whether you've completed it or are still trying for the perfect 20, as you will not be able to tell from the colors of the fruit on the tree where to commence the following day. Since Duolingo no longer keeps track of daily points, you may want to note them too.

    Have fun! French is so marvelous.

    . . . And the Russian course should be excellent, judging from how good the English for Russian speakers version is.


    I'm reading the Harry Potter books in French. It works pretty well for reinforcing grammar and learning new words because I know the books well enough to figure out what's going on without using a dictionary. Plus I enjoy reading them enough that it isn't a chore. :-)


    I started reading 20000 lieues sous les mers :-) I understand most words, and those I don't understand, I also don't understand in German :-) http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/5097 ebook readers are soo cool. Integrated dictionnary like duolingo.

    Redoing the duolingo lessons is too boring for me, I need new input.


    :))))))))))) Christmas comes early this year! (For language enthusiasts.) I have to hurry up: I still have two more trees waiting to be finished before the new courses come!


    It is really exciting: I am waiting:


    I really like this site, I've been here for couple of days and I must say, that it's the first site that keeps me learning everyday! Each day I receive motivating e-mail, and I just can't refuse to learns some new words, it's fantastic. I wonder if the Duolingo will be for Windows Phone someday... I would be very happy if yes! :)


    That is brilliant ! I just gave you 2 Lingots !


    Aaaah Russian ! Can't wait !


    Today I joined duolingo for learning french language. Really this is an excellent way and source for learning foreign languages. This is also benefits in saving time and money. Through this site anybody can learn languages at their home or any places. Thanks a lot for developers of this site.


    You got this, someday, I'll bet every language there is will be taught here and a world without language barriers will exist. Rock on!


    love it! I would really love to help you develop this given that I'm a Duo addict (just ask my wife) and I'm a software developer.

    pretty please ;-)


    Looking at the jobs Duo has on offer might help: https://www.duolingo.com/jobs :)


    but of course! :) Thanks!

    Just trying to make myself a little more visible (read different) than the average person that applies to a job through the "Apply" link.


    hi. when the romanian course for english users will arrive, the romanian-english version will be available too?


    what do you mean? English for Romanian speakers is already available


    nop. it isn't. the course is in beta, but it's not available. or i don't know how to find it in app :)


    It is in the app - go to 'start learning' and then click 'more' and that will give you the list of language courses for non-English speakers (if you've got your app set to learning X from English). Romanian is the top one on the list - Engleza din Romana (only with accents). However, I think it may be one of the new ones that were added with the latest app update, which was only a couple of days ago - which may be why you haven't spotted it.


    Yours looks different from mine - are you on Android? If so, your app was updated three days before mine (Apple).

    Looking at your app description and mine, you got English for speakers of Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, Polish, and Dutch on 7th March; I got English for speakers of Russian, Turkish, Hungarian and Dutch on 31st January and the 10th March update added English for Polish and Romanian.

    So it looks like Android and Apple are slightly out of step, and you get whatever languages are available at the time. The Apple app seems to have just missed Polish last time - but the Android app caught it. Apple finally got Polish only two days ago with the latest update - but we caught Romanian as well.

    Your next update will probably catch it, along with anything else that's been put into beta. However, it's also available on the full website if you can't bear to wait...


    Yay! Can't wait for Russian. Will these language options be added to mobile app and webpage at the same time?


    I don't know for sure, but the pattern seems to be that courses come out on the website first and the app later. Whether there is a specific time-lag, or they wait for error reports to drop off to a certain level, or whether it's just that each new course just has to wait to 'catch' the next app update, I don't know. The latter would not surprise me, since Duolingo can update their own website any time they like, but app updates - I think - may have a more complicated process that means it's easier to do fewer updates for large numbers of changes rather than keep adding little bits more frequently.

    The turnaround seems to be pretty fast, though - it's noticeable that courses don't have to leave beta before they get added to the app.


    any one hear go russins


    Maybe some day we can even learn Kiche, or any other of the Mayan languages. by the way, I started to learn Portuguese today.


    can't wait to read and learn russian alphabet :)


    My plan is to use the Memrise website (and sticky notes stuck in prominent places in the house) to learn the Cyrillic alphabet, and then start using the Cyrillic alphabet to write everyday notes in English (transliterated).

    That way, by the time the Duolingo English-Russian course is available, I should already know the alphabet and can concentrate on learning the words without having to consciously think "this squiggle means that sound... and all those in a row makes a word that sounds like this.... which means..."

    It's like being four years old and learning to read again - and I'd rather avoid having to learn to read and learn a new language simultaneously - it sounds like a recipe for frustration. Get one sorted, then the other... Hopefully that way, by the time the course is available, I will be able to look at a word in the Cyrillic alphabet and immediately think "That word is... which means..."

    That's the plan, anyway. :-)


    It's a great plan, with one exception - I think it will be very challenging to transliterate your English notes - the sounds of 2 languages are different and transliteration will do no good. It would be much better if you just read some simple Russian texts. Then you would actually learn how russian letters interact with each other. You don't need to understand the text. Actually, as you're so serious about, I suggest you should invest some time in touch typing. Here http://www.verseq.com/ you can find an awesome touch typing tutor. I used myself for different layouts. It doesn't give you real words, but doesn't make you to type the same letter hundreds of times. It give you pseudowords which are very similar to what you can see in real life in terms of letter combination and frequency. With this exercise you can get real advantage: learn how to read and learn type. It will make your life so much easier when our course is Ready. I'm looking forward to seeing you there and answering whatever question you'll have about Russian grammar. :)

    By the way, as we'll create a list words we are going to use in our course, we may publish it in advance, so that anyone who wants could just learn in their spare time how to read them.


    Probably you can just learn going from familiar letters to unfamiliar ones:







    Those at the beginning of the list should look somewhat more familiar :)


    Thank you! I shall do all of these things... The key being to get my mind to go straight from Cyrillic to sound, without doing a sort of "Oh... that's a shape like a lollipop... that's the equivalent of Latin F.... which sounds like..." because by the time I've got to the end of that process I'll have forgotten what was at the beginning.

    And I am quite looking forward to Russian grammar. :-) It sounds like it will be a nice puzzle. Am I right in thinking that function in the sentence is shown by declension not word order, the way it's done in English?

    This calls for some revision of grammatical principles... :-)


    Larisa_L and Shady_arc's suggestions seem excellent. There are good "learn the Cyrillic alphabet" lessons on YouTube. And often the beginning of a Russian textbook--especially the slightly older ones, rather than the latest college textbooks--have good introductions to the alphabet, along with words to practice.

    Learning to touch-type Cyrillic characters is really worthwhile. It will make using the computer with Russian so much easier. The program Larisa_L suggested sounds very good, there are a few others available online, as well, and, it is quite possible to learn touch-typing for Russian without a typing-tutor software program at all. After you've learned the rudiments there are little "games" or "races" available online for free that help keep you in practice, too.

    (I'm a native English speaker who has learned the Standard Russian keyboard, so believe me when I say it is not difficult. There is also a "homophonic" keyboard available on just about any computer operating system which may be easier and quicker to learn for you. Either will work just about anywhere, on computers. Maybe Larissa_L or Shady_arc has an opinion as to which is better, nowadays?)

    Everyone learns differently, and if you find things are becoming difficult, try some other method--or write to the forum for suggestions or more information. Or just for encouragement. Don't hesitate. And have fun!


    Yes, you're correct. But you have similar ideas in English. I think you would be able to understand both I told him and Him I told, even though the words order is different, because the subject and the object have different forms indicating their roles. We just have more of that in Russian. Actually, it is interesting that for many Russians, including me, it is hard at the beginning to figure out who did what to whom and with what in an English sentence. For you it may seem like the words order is enough, but our brains don't yet know how to derive the role of the word from its place, so it takes time to adjust. The same is for English speakers and Russian language, I guess.


    Yes - doing the same job with different tools. I think the hard part about learning the Slavic languages is going to be to try not to 'map' Russian onto English (which will result only in misery and frustration), but instead forget about how it's done in English and just... accept Russian the way it is. (Someone was having the same problem with sommes/sont in French because if you try to 'map' to English, they both mean 'are' - and that tells you nothing about when to use which.)

    "Him I told" kind of makes sense but only just - an English speaker has to make extra effort to figure out what it means. Used to great effect by Yoda in the Star Wars films - Yoda uses the object-subject-verb construction all the time, which emphasises that he's Foreign and Mysterious.

    If you add a comma "Him, I told", you get the implication that you made a special effort to tell 'him', but not anybody else - unlike "I told him" which is a straightforward statement of fact.


    Well, won't be that hard, given that about 16 of them look familiar and six or seven sound as you would expect.

    As for word order, it is very flexible as compared to English (where it is more or less fixed), but there is still a "usual" order with some variations. Also you can move around parts (compare to "Today I only cook" and "I only cook today") when it makes sense. Pronouns, as in German, are more acceptable in positions somewhat closer to the beginnig of a sentence (closer than they would be if they were nouns).

    Yet, strong deviations from a few natural patterns quickly become awkward, Master Yoda-style, or generally not-neutral (i.e. sound as if you are trying to make a very specific point and thus put emphasis on some words)


    I am just astonished... You guys are awesome! This is the truly globalization, it's amazing that soon anyone who have access to a computer will be able to know other cultures and share their own.


    Yeah, Russian!!!


    Awesome! I just started this to help with learning German and was kinda bummed when Russian wasn't on the list. So this is great! Can't wait to start on Russian :D It also gives me an opportunity to try out the others I never thought of learning before.


    great news!!! you're the best duolingo!


    Russian, Dutch Turkish... sounds great!!! i also want to learn Japanesse in the future. I hope that it will be also on doulingo


    Then you can probably learn kana and your first fifty or a hundren kanji before they go :). I doubt lessons are going to be that effective without basic knowledge of the writing system.

    Learning another alphabet is quick. But syllabary is a different beast, and it definitely took me some time to read at acceptable speed (alsorememberjapanesegotnospacesinthetext,thoughtheyhavecommas).


    That's awesome! I'm ridiculously excited about the prospect of learning Dutch, Turkish, Polish and Russian :D A huge thank you to all of the contributors who dedicated the time and effort to make this possible!


    I'll take on the Russian for sure.


    Can't wait till Klingon and Elvish! Who's with me!


    Duolingo team is AWESOME! Vicki, you are genius! If I become a millionaire someday the first thing I will do is to hire you! =)


    Is it possible to test the courses that are in beta stage 2? If so how do you do it? I'm on the page but it I don't see any buttons anywhere


    Just go to the Courses page, select your lagnuage (or "your" language if you don't really speak it) and enter any course available at the moment.

    (courses that are in Beta are already available for everyone to participate; just expect non-uniform quality, inconsistent translations, fewer sentences than later and typos here an there)


    Yes. You hover over the flag icon, add a new course, then change your language to something besides English (e.g. Russian). Then you select another course (e.g. English for Russian speakers).

    Be warned. When you do this, everything will be in the language that you chose.



    Try going here (it is located on the Home tab)

    alt text

    ^_^ Good luck!


    Russian and Dutch!~ :D can't wait!~


    That's epic! But I want to know if you'll add Bulgarian when you are finished with the others please


    These are all made in the incubator so Bulgarian might appear for you any time socialistako!


    Awesome sauce. Benim Türk Hanim çok mutlu olacak! Ben bu gün için bekledim.


    I just started out this week and I love this site!!! Being half Mexican and half Swedish, I really want to be fluent in both languages! I really hope Swedish can be added by the time I master Spanish and French :D


    Thank you so very much Duolingo, I can speak, read, and write in Russian, although when I speak, I have a bit of an accent because I have never been to Russia, I learned it from my parents. Thanks to Duolingo, that accent will hopefully go away and I will sound like a real Russian speaking. Спасибо!


    I'm really excited about this! I've wanted to learn Turkish for quite some time. Woohoo! (^_^) Dou rocks!


    russiaaaan! you are the best, i love it


    I'm still mostly new but so exited! I've already learned so much Spanish and through my learning I'm teaching my son! Keep the languages coming!


    I know this has probably already been asked a million times but I can't possibly read all the comments so apologies if it has.

    When can we expect to use the beta?


    Well, going on prior experience... something like:

    1. You can use the beta as soon as it's ready on the main website. Getting it via apps happens later, and I don't know whether new languages just 'catch' the next scheduled app update, or whether there's more to it than that.

    2. The betas may be ready in about ten weeks/three months (I think I remember). Approximately. But it takes as long as it takes; I'm sure the language teams will be working as hard as they can. If it happens faster... then that's good. If it happens slower, then it's probably because there are unforeseen problems. It's not as simple as just turning the X-to-English trees backwards: English speakers learning Russian will have different problems and need things done in a different way to Russian speakers learning English. And so on.

    Like so many things, wishing isn't going to make it happen faster.


    Sounds very exciting. Russian, and Romanian will probably be the hardest out of all those new languages coming to here. I can't wait to learn some Turkish though :P


    Would love to learn Hungarian when it's available! Just let me know when and where and I'm there! If anyone wants to study with me beforehand, just get me on Skype. My Skype Handle/ID is: carsonsmith22


    How soon? Still waiting sadly. :c I really want to start learning Polish!


    Sorry to break it to you but last time I checked the incubator they were only at 7% and said they would be ready in 2021


    Still waiting for the hindi course. <3 :)


    Do we have an update on how long it will be until polish is available!?


    Thank you so much! When I was first looking for a free language site, my language of choice was Russian, but you guys didn't have it, so I did French, but its on its way, and I can't contain my excitement!!! RUSSIAN!


    I'm very exited to learn a language that using Cyrillic. I've mainly doing German on and off because of time constraints with full time work and full time college but one at a time hope to go through all indo-european languages. Thanks to Duolingo which is making language bridges never before possible in history. I enjoy seeing it topple Rosette Stone - which is seemingly only available to financial elite - from its throne.


    I'm very exited to learn a language that using Cyrillic. I've mainly doing German on and off because of time constraints with full time work and full time college but one at a time hope to go through all indo-european languages. Thanks to Duolingo which is making language bridges never before possible in history. I enjoy seeing it topple Rosette Stone - which is seemingly only available to financial elite - from its throne.


    This is awesome. I'll probably join in "learning" Russian. What's the estimated time on when the languages will be ready to learn?


    Polishhh:D I'm so excited!! I can't wait!!


    Cant wait for Hungarian.


    Hi, when will the Russian course be ready? thanks a lot.


    I'm really looking forward to the Russian course.

    It's good that Duolingo is going back to the major languages. English, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian are the five biggies, but, after Spanish, Duolingo seemed to get sidetracked with less important European languages. (Though Portugese is pretty important.)

    Perhaps this was because they weren't sure how to handle non-Roman script. Even so, they could have gone with Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia. That is more important than most European languages, and it uses Roman script. I hope they get to it soon. And Swahili is in Roman script, too.

    I'd like to see a good Arabic course (MSA, not Egyptian) as well. Once they have got that, they will be able to use the script teaching method for Farsi and Urdu. Then they can figure out how to handle Hindi.

    It might take a while before Duolingo rolls out a Mandarin course. For those of you who can't wait, there is Chinese Skill. This copies Duolingo method, but it is not as good as Duolingo. (The developers are working on making it better.) I already know a lot of Chinese, so for me it mostly just a bit of vocabulary revision, but I suspect it would be a steep learning curve for beginners. You can get the app free and give it a try.

    For my tastes, I'd like a Welsh course and an Icelandic course, but those are very minor languages. Asian languages should come first.


    HUNGARIAN! Yes, this was my first language but after living in the states for 28 years, I'm starting to lose it and just dying to practice it more. Thank you sooooo much for adding this language!!!! :D


    I need to learn Polish by this year!!!! iM GOING TO POLAND THIS YEAR WITH NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE LANGUAGE!!!


    i cant wait for esperanto


    i cant wait for esperanto


    I'm excited for Russian, Esperanto and Polish, but I believe we aren't working on the same definition of soon...


    Very excited about Russian! How much time until it's out?


    Where the hell is Esperanto? The estimated beta date has been and gone twice already. If Ukrainian is 100% done then why haven't you released it? If there is more work to be done then why have you marked it as finished? Seriously, after nearly two years of waiting my patience is fraying.


    Norwegian and Ukrainian have supposedly been 100% done for almost a month but it still hasn't been released.


    Must ... wait ... for ... Russian ... course. Must ... wait ... for ... Russian ... cou...

    No, I couldn't hold out. I saw the Turkish course, and fell for it. It will be interesting to see how Duolingo works on a language of which I am totally ignorant and which does not resemble any language I know. No way to guess from previous knowledge.

    But what are the Duolingo people doing messing around with nothing languages like Klingon and Hebrew?

    Get the basics done first, guys.

    We need a Mandarin course, and a Modern Standard Arabic course, as well as a Russian course. After that, Indonesian/Malaysian, Farsi, Hindi, Swahili, and other biggies.

    Yes, I'd like Icelandic, Basque, and Elvish, but Duolingo should get the major stuff done before pandering to nutters like me.


    Duolingo people are not creating any courses, they are created by volunteers, if there are good volunteers to create a Hebrew course then it is being created, and it doesn't influence in any way the speed at which Russian course is done. And does not influence anyhow if the Chinese courses are created or not. And if you don't appreciate Hebrew, doesn't mean that there no people who want to learn it as bad as you want to learn Russian.


    Thanks, Larisa. I thought there was a central organisation which commissioned courses.


    Please add Bulgarian!


    Are there news on the development of the Russian course? Is there a timetable when it will be released?


    You can go to https://www.duolingo.com/course/ru/en/Learn-Russian-Online to see a vague estimate (the Esperanto course was really late, though!) You can also go to http://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/ru/en/status to read what the contributors have said.


    I believe the ETA was near October of this year. That's not too far away. In fact, I've wanted Russian on this site for such a long time, that I gave Russian up temporarily and learned a language they did have(Swedish). I remember Russian being much harder though, so I'm glad they're taking their time to make a good course :)


    This is amazing Romanian is at the top of my list!


    Yeah Romanian !! but when ? one year is gone already..




    "Soon" - 1 Year ago.


    "Soon" - 1 Year ago.


    спасибо, duolingo!


    Does anyone know when the russian corse is coming out ?


    FINALLY RUSSIAN!! yay best!!


    Wondering what the current anticipated timing is for Hungarian?


    Come on Polish! Anticipated release 4 DAYS AGO!


    Hi everybody My mother-language is German and I want to learn Russian? When is that possible? Best regards Uwe


    I'm so happy Russian is finally available!


    Let me congratulate you on Russian, and DuoLingo in general:

    My son introduced me to it this weekend. He's feeling a bit understimulated at school, but now competes with his classmates in learning Russian, on top of the four languages he knows already. This is voluntary learning at its finest!

    And of course he expects his father to join the sport :)


    3 years later, and now Duolingo doesn't only have Esperanto, but Korean, Norwegian, Danish, Hebrew, Chinese, Swedish, Swahili, Japanese, Irish, Greek, Vietnamese, Ukranian, Welsh, and Czech, and will soon have Indonesian, Arabic, Zulu, and Hindi!

    Duolingo, you are amazing! I'm not too pleased with the rings and other weird additions you've made recently, but the Incubator remains awesome.

    Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.