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180 E-Mails!

Hi, I just received around 180 E-Mails, because a person I follow just passed my score in spanish! I think this is a bug and you should fix that!

June 22, 2012



Thanks! This will be fixed very soon, and sorry about this.


Wow, I guess that's a great incentive to stay on top ;-)


This has been fixed since about 2 hours ago. If you get more, please let us know.


I'll bet the code looks something like this

If passed=1: Then Repeat SendEmail(useremail,"You have been passed by "+passername) Until RandomNumber(1,1000000) = 1 EndIf


@burgesszachary1 When was the last time you got more than one in a row? This should now be fixed.


Ha yes that happened to me too, though I was lucky to only get 12 e-mails.


yeah same here, but again, I guess I was one of the ones who received much, much less.


I keep receiving these emails too but not 180, just about 10 or so.


@ Luis ...Gosh its really hard too say for sure cause I keep deleting them but I know I got 7 from one person starting last night and again this morning. I think there is something stuck upon when someone is doing a practice lesson or just completes any given thing the "the code" that has been written is saying they keep passing you when they already have. So I think it is stuck on something.


@ Luis , Basically last night and this morning. maybe the day before.

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