"Daniel and I choose soup."

Translation:Daniel și eu alegem supă.

March 24, 2017

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Why is it "Daniel și eu"? I had asked a collegue a while back and he said it is either "eu și Daniel" or "Daniel și cu mine", just as in English it is "Daniel and me" instead of "Daniel and I". Or is there a regional difference?


I would use either Eu și Daniel or Daniel și cu mine. Daniel și eu sounds a bit strange indeed.


"Daniel and I choose soup" is correct English. I is the first person subject pronoun, me is the first person object pronoun. "The cameraman photographed Daniel and me."


It would not be 'Daniel and me' in English. You have to imagine the sentence without the other person - you would not say 'me choose soup', you would say 'I choose' therefore you would also say 'Daniel and I choose soup'.


Absolutely, just like Duo insists on "Eu si fata"...now suddenly "Eu si Daniel" is marked wrong??? DUOLINGO, a bit of consistency, please!!!

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