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Is it just me? (Incubator Malfunction). Oh and Thanks.

Okay so maybe you awesome people at Duo already know about this and as the newest version of the incubator was just released I understand that there could be kinks (By the way thanks Vicki!). I also I am aware that I may not be privy of something going on but just in case you don't know: The percentages on the courses in the incubator are incorrect according to J-Steven's last Weekly Incubator Update. I'm not saying that they have gone up but that they have gone down. I keep up with the progress on several courses day by day and I noticed that the incubator puts the English for Hindi course at 39% today when just two days ago it was at 60%. Most courses, if not all, are like this. Is this just me? Is my account or computer messed up or is this happening for everyone? I'm sorry if I'm repeating a concern of someone else but I just wanted to let the Duo team know. Thank you for all your hard work Duo! Because of you I may be able to communicate with my sibling and step-family in the future. I'm so happy I might be able to say more than just hello when I see them.

March 12, 2014



this is a known issue due to the update of the incubator. it is not just you :)


It's not only you, I'm also having this error. It says that the Hindi course is at 28%, weird D:


Spanish for French seems unaffected and French for German seems to have gotten fixed.


Hi koolkat3000,

Please subscribe to the Troubleshooting forum, then edit this post and move it there. That's the best place to report technical glitches and such.

Thank you so much! ^_^


Thanks I will do that.

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