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Recent update is super glitchy?

I do all of my Duolingo practice using the app on my iphone. I installed an update recently (yesterday I think, or maybe Sunday?). It said it was loading new languages and fixing minor glitches. I never noticed any glitches before, but now it is SUPER glitchy. Sometimes the unit where you have to listen and then type what you hear doesn't work - I can't hear anything at all, not even when I press the button to hear it again. So of course I fail it every time. The "turtle" button never works - the few times that I HAVE heard what I'm supposed to type, if I have a problem understanding it, I can't listen to it more slowly. It will tell me I've made a spelling mistake or a mistake with the accents, but then when it shows me the "correct" sentence, it is no different from what I've typed. I can't "practice weak skills" unless I'm connected to wifi. I'm positive I didn't have to be connected to do this before the update. Is anyone else having these problems? Anything I can do besides wait for a new update?

March 12, 2014

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Hi Missdmeaner,

Please subscribe to the Troubleshooting forum, then edit this post and move it there. Thanks! ^_^

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