How does 'word count' function really work?

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As the name goes - what does, and what doesn't word count include? I'm curious since I finished Spanish tree completely and my word count is really, really low, more than twice as low from what other people are reporting for this language. So, let me divide my question into two bits:

1) Is 'word count' affected by the level of completed lessons? I mean, if most of my lessons are NOT golden (I wasn't really active learner for Spanish lately), does this lower my word count or not?

2) Does Placement test affects word count in any way, since I've done it when I started learning Spanish and Duolingo recognised that I know more than 80% of all the lessons? Did this affect word count by subtracting words that I already knew?

Thank you for your time.

1 year ago

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You additionally need to know: Not all shown words seem to be added to the "learned words" tab - at least for me, for whatever reason (probably a bug deep within the add/update core algorithm???).

Matfran2001 wrote a longer article in a thread (please don't ask me what thread it was), that:

  • intro/comprehension test
  • tree checkpoints
  • skill test outs

all will present you lesser sentences, thus fewer words, compared to if you take the lesson by lesson, skill by skill approach and start the course from scratch.

Mat made some total sentence calculations, which you may just have not hit by skipping over?!

I can clearly see that with EN-POR (from scratch, lesson by lesson) vs my DE-EN/EN-DE courses with several test outs.

1 year ago
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