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1一般的なエラー English for Japanese Basics 1 bug

Hello, I've noticed a bug in the English for Japanese speakers course. I'm on Windows 7/Firefox

Update not just in Basics 1 In the English for Japanese course, submitting a correct answer can create an error message if specific portions of it are submitted as hiragana rather than kanji.

For example:

Translate this sentence into English: She eats bread.
Accepted translation: 彼女はパンを食べます。(Kanojo wa pan wo tabemasu.)
Not accepted translation: 彼女はパンをたべます。(Kanojo wa pan wo tabemasu.)

March 12, 2014



I think one of the contributors already said they were aware that using hiragana instead of kanji was marked wrong. Here's a link to her post. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2117567


Many thanks ant.polverino!

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