Two suggestions for the website version.

I don't know where to express my frustration with two aspects of DuoLingo website. Excuse me if this is the wrong forum.

  1. I usually use the Duolingo website in an environment where I cannot use the speakers or headphones. Thus I must skip all the questions that say "Type what you hear". That is marked as an error. I wish there were an option to turn off any questions that require listening to the question. There is a similar option in the iPad app to turn off the microphone. I wish the website had an option to turn off the speaker and not present questions that require the speaker.

  2. The second issue is the location of the “Strengthen Skills” button. It is the only item I use on the home page and I have to scroll down to use it. If it could be higher, above the Daily Goal, I would see it immediately without having to scroll.

These may be minor issues, but they would make my experience smoother.

Thank you.

March 25, 2017


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You can turn off the speaker in your account settings. Give that a try for issue number one.

March 25, 2017

If you go to settings, just below "microphone" there is also "speaker", "voice autoplay" and "sound affects" which can all be turned ON/OFF.

Thanks. That's what I was looking for.

For issue number 2, if it truly bothers you, you could actually download the app to your (windows) computer if you wanted to. Personally I prefer the site though, as I can sometimes do multiple lessons on the app without any of my skills gaining so much as a centimeter of their bars...

I'm only providing a temporary solution, just in case. For issue number two, you can bookmark and put it on your browser's always-on-top toolbar to access it with one click anywhere :-) (you might need to change the settings somewhere)

(Also, this is only for courses that have fluency score. Irish, for example, doesn't have the score and thus the button is visible at first glace at the homepage)

Have you tried running the Android app on Bluestacks@Windows (emulator) if you are not satisfied with the web version?

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