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  5. "I spend too much."

"I spend too much."

Translation:Eu gasto muito.

February 26, 2013



"Eu gasto demais" would be better


well, I dont think "eu gasto muito" wouldnt go with this sentence. both are correct, and "eu gasto muito" is much more used. but if you think "eu gasto demais" should be included, just report the problem. :)


If "Eu gasto muito" means "I spend too much" then how would you say "I spend a lot"? (i.e. "much" but not "too much")


The same way. Muito means much, a lot or too much. Ot depends on the context and intonation.


Hm, that sounds about the same as English. With the right context and/or intonation "I spend a lot!" could imply "too much". But the default meaning would be simply "a lot".

So, I think "too much" is the wrong english translation here. I submitted a bug report on it. Please tell me if I'm still thinking about this wrong.


For me "too much" is also right. They only needed to include some more possible answers.


I totally agree and I see this misalignment coming up a lot here on Duo and day-to-day life here in Lisbon.

Although I accept there is a wide range crossover between "muito" and "demais", and also the other way, "muito" and "bastante", I only use "demais" for too much, "muito" for "a lot" or "very" or "much" , and "bastante" for "enough" in speech. I seem understood well enough so will continue this way until I'm told otherwise.


Maybe "Eu gasto demais" ?


why is "eu gasto tanto" wrong?


Maybe because "I spend so much" has a slightly different meaning.


In English "gasto muito" means "spend a lot", not "spend too much", which I think would translate more accurately with "demais". In Portuguese, would demais come before or after muito?

[deactivated user]

    Would "Eu gasto demasiado" be acceptable too?

    Also, how about "Eu gasto bastante"?


    "eu gasto demais (too much)" is more common. Bastante = much/a lot


    Would "eu gasto mais muito" also be possible?


    Amam demais....... Marcos Valle

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